Garnett High School Faculty

This page is for information and photos of people who were faculty members at GHS during the years 1961 to 1965.
If anyone has photos of faculty members at past reunions or during the years we were in high school please let me know. Also if you have stories you would like to share or know where any of our teachers are today. (I know the older ones are probably not still living but we had several teachers who weren't that much older than we were.)
I scanned in photos from my yearbooks and put them on page two.

Claron Cole

On the right and left are photos of Claron Cole taken around 1920.
The little girl is my great aunt Viola Wells.

Below is Claron Cole as our principal in 1964.

Claron Cole
Claron Cole

Coach Meyer Coach Meyer In addition to being head coach, Ray Meyer also taught boys PE.
The photo on the left is from the yearbook and was taken in 1962.
The photo on the right was taken at the 35-year class reunion in 2000.
Coach Meyer was the only faculty member to attend the 35-year reunion, I wonder what that says about our class!