You must have been a beautiful baby ...

This section is for photos and stories of our grade school days. I am especially looking for photos taken at school or at events where more than one class member was present. There are pages for Irving Elementary School and Irving Junior High. I have very little for Longfellow and Holy Angels Schools.

In the 1930s there were eighty rural schools in Anderson County. Many had closed by the 1950s but I know some of you went to rural schools. The only one I have photos of is Earnest, because I went there. I would like to have more photos of other schools to put on the site.

I started at the back left for names. Unfortunately we didn't always stand in neat rows so hope everyone can figure out who is who.

Earnest School - 1953

Vernon Hastert, Gladys Rhodes (teacher), Glenn Martin, Joan Bloom, Bob Hiner;
JoAnne Katzer, Gloria Branton, Bonnie Francis, Glen Hastert, Sam Hiner;
Charles Baum, Jack Hiner, Bill Hastert, Sharon Grey, Carol Gadelman, Leslie Boyles;
Denny Davis, Sharon Hill, Jerry Katzer, Shirley Branton, Jim Katzer.

Earnest School - 1955

Glen Hastert, Bob Hiner, Max Worthington, Gloria Branton, JoAnne Katzer, Roger Hastert, Bonnie Francis, Charles Baum, Leslie Boyles, Joan Bloom;
Shirley Branton, Sharon Hill, Robert Hastert, Jack Hiner, Sharon Gray, Bill Katzer, Donna Worthington, Bonnie McCarroll or Carol Gadelman, Jim Katzer, Johnnie Francis, Gladis Rhodes (teacher); Mary Adele Stewart, Linda Adams, Denny Davis, Jana Davis, Janice or Charlotte Worthington, Linda Holt, Jerry Katzer, Doug Davis.

Earnest School - 1956

Earnest School - 1957

Jack Hiner, Robert Hastert, Glen Hastert, Bob Hiner, Sharon Gray, Thelma McClurg (teacher);
Doug Davis, Linda Adams, Denny Davis, Mary Adele Stewart, Shirley Branton;
Clair Ann Stewart, Vickie Baum, Sam Hiner.

Earnest School - 1959

Doug and I started at Irving second semester, leaving only seven students when Earnest closed at the end of the school year.
? Catt, Shriley Branton, Denny Davis, Robert Hastert, Walter Catt;
? Catt, Doug Davis, ? Catt, Sam Hiner, Mary ? (teacher).

I do not have photos of Earnest when I went there but took these in 2010. It looks much smaller than it did when I went there.
We didn't have running water so pumped water for drinking, etc. In the early years we drank from a pail of water with a dipper.
After our teacher found out about germs we used those cone-shape paper cups -
the ones that start to leak after about five seconds.