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A reunion for all Garnett High School alumni who graduated in the 1960s was held on Saturday, September 21, 2 10 p.m. at the Anderson County High School

Here are photos from the class of 65's Friday events. Here are photos and more photos from the reunion. If you have photos you would like me to post, email them to Denny Davis, class of '65. The pages may load slowly as I will use high resolution photos in case someone wants to print them.

Below is a list of the many people who helped make the reunion a success. Please let me know if I missed anyone. Several people helped at the reunion who had not originally volunteered to do so.

Planning: Ella Farren Schempp (60), JoAnne Katzer Platt (61), Mary Askins Bennett (63), Joyce Wilson Martin (64), Denny Davis (65), Linda Holmes Macklin (65), Marilyn Nilges Bennett (65), Ron Wolken (65), Sue Mader Hardman (66), Vicki Mead Sugar who first suggested the idea (67) and Ginny Monroe Gerhardt (68)

Contacting Class Members: Ella Farren Schempp (60), Patti Cain (61), JoAnne Katzer Platt (61), Kent Howerton (62), Glenn Hastert (63), Ruth Lee Raymond Hastert (63), Joyce Wilson Martin (64), Tharon Hornberger Sass (64), Denny Davis (65), Terry Cain (65), Sue Mader Hardman (66), Gib Shell (67), Ginny Monroe Gerhardt (68) and Charlie Hughes (69)

Helping at the Reunion: Ella Farren Schempp (60), Betty Lickteig Becker (60), JoAnn Katzer Platt (61), Gary Davis (62), Jack Hiner (63), Dena Keplinger Schone (64), Mary Ann Morey Tindell (64), Roger Adams (65), Terry Cain (65), Denny Davis (65), Linda Holmes Macklin (65), Janis Main Hightower (65), Joe Lytle (65), Betty Lytle, Marilyn Nilges Bennett (65), Charlie Vosseller (65), Lourdes Vosseller, Sue Singer Ward (65), Gary Wittman (65), Ron Wolken (65), Bill Feuerborn (66), Nancy Pontious Farrar (66), Linda Champe Miller (68), Jeanne Poss Wolken (68)

Support and Encouragement: Tharon Hornberger Sass (64), Roger Adams (65), Terry Cain (65), Glenn Caldwell (65), Fran Craig Sandwith (65), Charles Harold Denchfield (65), Linda Holmes Macklin (65), Linda Lewis Moody (65), Joe Lytle (65), Monte Mace (65), Bobbi Mattix Richards (65), Marilyn Nilges Bennett (65), Sue Singer Ward (65), Gary Wittman (65), Ron Wolken (65), others in the Class of 65 Yahoo Group, Bill Feuerborn (66), Jeanne Poss Wolken (68), and Cindy Hobert Ecclefield (70)

Music: courtesy of Kent Hobert (67)

Facilities Coordinator: Kenny Kellstadt (Anderson County Jr/Sr High School Principal)

Catering: Deadra Jones (A Cut Above Catering)

Several people have asked who all attended so here is a list by class:

1960: Ella Farren Schempp, George Feuerborn, Betty Lickteig Becker

1961: Jane Farren Hatton, Larry Feuerborn, JoAnne Katzer Platt, Kay Watkins Katzer

1962: Gary Davis, Diane Archer Doran, Charlie Foltz, Frank Graham

1963: Mary Askins Bennett, Peggy Grimes Brubaker, Richard Doran, Glenn Hastert, Ruth Lee Raymond Hastert, Jack Hiner and wife Sandra

1964: Shirley Bell Hile, Dennis Dunbar and wife Jeanne, Ron Foxx, Jeannine Hermreck Katzer, Tharon Hornberger Sass, Jim Katzer, Dena Keplinger Schone and husband Fred, Alice Lutz Lickteig and husband Jake, Eileen Miller Bowling, Mary Ann Morey Tindell, Nancy Young Anderson and husband Gayle

1965: Roger Adams, Jan Brecheisen Lyson and friend Art McKenna, Terry Cain, Fran Craig, Denny Davis and father Carl Ulses, Max Farren, Joe Lytle and wife Betty, Linda Holmes Macklin, Janis Main Hightower and husband Ray, Bobbi Mattix Richards, Marilyn Nilges Bennett and husband Ben, Marjorie Peine Fox and husband Larry, Rick Sass, Paul Schuster and wife Sue, Sue Singer Ward, Charles Vosseller and wife Lourdes, Gary Wittman, Ron Wolken

1966: Nancy Pontious Farrar, Bill Feuerborn and wife Lynda, Phyllis Parks Adams, Clark Valentine, Delma Wolken Lewis

1967: Vicki Craig Sparks, Rose Mary Hale Turner, Kent Hobert, Debbie Kent Miller, Shirley Osler Farren

1968:Linda Champe Miller, Donna Hermreck Kellerman, Jeanne Poss Wolken, Karen Wittman Valentine, Ron Young

1969: Rae Ann Farren Shultz and husband John, Ray Foltz

Quotes about Friendship

** The best antiques to collect are old friends.
** Friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle,
because the older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.
** How unspeakably the lengthening of memories in common endears our old friends! (George Eliot)
** It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)
** Nothing is as comfortable as an old friend.
** There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. (Nelson Mandela)

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