Printing Tips

Printing text from websites

My first advice is NOT to go to the browser menu and click FILE, PRINT. Some of the files on the site are long and you may get more than you ever wanted!

On some computers you can select text with your mouse, click PRINT and then SELECTION in the printer dialog box. However I would try it first on a small file.

I usually copy and paste to Word and print from there. That way I can adjust the font size and style, spell check, remove blank lines, adjust page breaks, etc. Also I can save the file to print again.

First I go Word and open a new blank document. I go back to the webpage and use my mouse to highlight the text I want. Then I right click and select COPY or click COPY on the browser tool bar. Then I go back to Word and click PASTE in the EDIT menu or on the tool bar. I format things the way I want and then print.

Copyright information

Copyright is a very complicated subject and if you need specific information you should do research or talk to an attorney. You will find a lot of disagreement about how the laws are interpreted. These are just some general guidelines I go by.
It is usually okay to use things for personal use - such as duplicating a page idea or using a poem in your own scrapbooks. It is always against the rules to profit from something without the copyright owner's permission. Just being on the internet doesn't make something public domain - it could have been posted without the owner's knowledge. And just because something doesn't have a copyright symbol doesn't mean it's not copyrighted. A copyright symbol is not required - and it could have been removed by someone.
If you want to use something as a handout for a class, pass it on by email or put it on a website it is best to contact the owner and ask for permission. Some people are now adding a note to their layouts and ideas that specifically state how they can be used - such as for a handout by CMC but not sold. That is very helpful.
The things on my website are meant to be used in scrapbooks or for other personal use. They are not meant to be sold - either in hard copy or on CD's - or used in any profit making venture. If you pass info on to others for their personal use do not remove the names of the originators or authors (if known).

Printing Graphics

How you print graphics depends on the type of file you are printing and the kind of printer you have.

If you see a graphic (such as a page layout idea) on a website, right click on the picture and select something similar to "Save image as". In the dialog box that comes up you can name the file and select a folder to put the file in. The main thing is to remember where you put the file and what you named it. Then pick a file format. If the file is already a GIF file I leave it at that. Otherwise I usually select JPG.

Once you get the file on your computer you can edit it in a graphics program or print it as is.

Creating images of Your Scrapbook Pages

Scanning is best but it is easier with 12x12 pages to photograph them with a digital camera.

Copyright information: If something on this site is incorrectly credited, please contact me. If something infringes on your copyright, notify me and I will remove it. Things on this site are for personal use with proper credit. They are not to be used to make a profit.

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