This file includes Christmas ABC's. Also see Christmas and Christmas Pages.

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Christmas Album Title Page

(Jeannie Simms Dobson)

We keep this family Christmas book
Faithfully each year
To record our Christmas memories
The love and the good cheer

When the years have come and gone
Won't it be a pleasure
To have this book to cherish
As our special Christmas Treasure

Photos and Memorabilia to include in a Christmas Album

Christmas Album in Three Hours

(Compiled by Sally R. CMC)

Products Needed:
1 8 X10 Album (Red, Evergreen, Mahogany or Christmas)/Page Protectors
1 Holiday Potpourri Pack
1 Pack Christmas Stickers
ABC Stickers Red and Green
Die-Cuts-Green Christmas Tree, Cranberry Ornaments, Two Gingerbread Men, Nautical Blue and Light Blue Regular Snowflakes, Red Carolers
Design line Stickers- Candy Cane Christmas, Basic Red, Wedding Streamers-Silver/Gold
Stickers- Candy Cane-4 mods., Nutcrackers-2 mods., Jingle Bells-3 mods.

Pages are done as two-page layouts. (Except the first and last page.)

Page 1

Christmas tree die-cut in lower right hand corner decorated with a few ornament stickers and 5-7 gifts under the tree. Use the ABC stickers for a title on the page. The Robertson Family, Christmas 1998, etc.

Page 2-3

Cranberry Ornaments in the upper left hand corner with holly stickers on the top of the ornaments and in each of the four corners. On the right hand page at the top, put the Merry Christmas sticker with the Holly around it.

Page 4-5

Draw a square corner border in the upper left hand corner and lower right hand corner with either red or green pen and draw a squiggly line over the top of the first line with the opposite color. Place the musical Santa sticker in each of the corners and use the music stickers to decorate the line.

Page 6-7

Use the holiday potpourri pack "Joy to the World layout" pictured.

Page 8-9

Put a gingerbread man in the upper left and lower right of the two-page spread. Use the candy cane design line to make a corner border in the lower left and upper right of the two-page spread.

Page 10-11

Use the holiday potpourri pack "stocking die-cut" page for the two-page spread, and put the candy cane die-cuts in the upper right hand corner of the right page.

Page 12-13

Use the holiday potpourri pack "Peace on Earth" page and cut the landscape die-cut so that it will be spread out on to both pages with the deer facing the cabin.

Page 14-15

Upper left and lower right corner borders done with one thin red line, one thick green line, and one thin red line. Then put a squiggly red thin line over the green thick line. A Christmas package goes in the corner and ornament stickers placed on the green line.

Page 16-17

Snowflake die-cuts in upper left and lower right of each page. Use the snowflake stickers in a zigzag pattern from each large snowflake.

Page 18-19

Red and green lines drawn a half inch apart around all four sides of the two-page spread. Use the holly, present, and ornament stickers around the pages in between and on the lines over and over until you have gone all the way around the page. About 34 stickers are used.

Page 20-21

Two carolers are mounted on the lower left page and one caroler in mounted on the lower right page. Use your wavy borderline and draw a green thin line around the two-page spread. Then use the candy cane stickers on the line to decorate the top, bottom and sides.

Page 22-23

ABC stickers, doubled red on green, to spell FRIENDS down the left side and FAR AND NEAR along the bottom. Use left over stickers to fill in the extra space around the letters.

Page 24-25

Use the Holiday Potpourri Pack "stocking sticker page" on the two-page spread.

Page 26-27

Put the red dot and red stripe design line down the left side on the left page with 11/2 inches between the two lines. Use the wavy borderline next to the design line on each side and place a nutcracker in each bubble. Then place one nutcracker on the upper right corner and lower right corner of the right page.

Page 28-29

Place the wedding streamer design line two inches from the bottom of the two-page spread. Then place three jingle bells on each page below the wedding streamer design line. Write Jingle Bell between each bell.

Page 30

Make a pocket page for extra cards and photos.

Christmas ABC Albums

Christmas ABC List

(compiled by Denny Davis)

A - abundance of love, adorn, advent candles, affirmation of faith, All I Want for Christmas is..., angels, Angels We Have Heard on High, annual get-together, anticipation, appreciation of each other, aunts, Away in a Manger
B - baby Jesus, baby's first Christmas, Bah Humbug!, baking, baubles, Santa's beard, belief in Santa, Bell-ringers, bells, Bethlehem, birth of Jesus, Blitzen, bows, Boxing Day, building a snowman, bundled up for the cold
C - camera, candlelight, candles, candy canes, cards, caroling, Carol of the Bells, carols, celebration, chestnuts, children, chimney, choir, church service, cocoa, Christmas cheer, Christmas cookies, Christmas Tree, cold, cooking, Come All Ye Faithful, Comet, concerts, cookies for Santa, cousins, cranberry, Cupid, curiosity, cutting down the tree
D - Daddy, Dancer, Dasher, dashing through the snow, December, Deck the Halls, decorating, delicious desserts, dinner, Do You Hear What I Hear, doll, donkey, Donner, dreams, dressing up
E - eager for Santa to arrive, East, eating, eggnog, eight tiny reindeer, elves, enjoyment, Epiphany, Christmas Eve, evergreen tree
F - faith, family, favorite time of year, Feliz Navidad, festive, fireplace, The First Noel, food, frankincense, fresh snowfall, friends, Frosty the Snowman, fudge, fun
G - garland, generosity, gift, gingerbread cookies, giving, goodwill toward men, Grace, Grandparents, grandkids, greetings, Grinch, guests
H - ham, hanging the greens, hanging your stockings, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, hearth, Santa's helper, helping ____, Here We Come a Caroling, hints, Ho Ho Ho, holly, home for the holidays, hopeful, hugs, Humbug
I - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, ice hockey, ice skating, icicles, imagining, indoor fun, inquisitive, no room in the inn, invitations to parties, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
J - jack-in-the-box, Jesus, Jesus' birthday, Jingle Bells, jolly old St. Nicholas, Joseph and Mary, Joy to the World, jumping for joy
K - kaleidoscope, keeping the Christmas spirit, kids, kindness, kinfolk, the three Kings, King of kings, kisses, kitchen activities, Kris Kringle
L - lap, laughter, Let it Snow, lights on the tree or house, list, Little Drummer Boy, lots of ___
M - Magi, magical moments, manger, Mary and Joseph, memories, Merry Christmas, Messiah, midnight mass, mistletoe, mittens, Mommy, Christmas morning, Mrs. Claus, myrrh
N - nativity scene, nieces and nephews, Night Before Christmas, no room in the Inn, Noel, North Pole, notes from friends, Nutcracker
O - O Christmas Tree, O Come All Ye Faithful, O Holy Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem, O Tannenbaum, off work, old-fashioned, opening gifts, ornaments, outdoor decorations, over the river and through the woods
P - Pageant, parade, parka, party, Peace on Earth, peanut brittle, peppermint, poinsettia, popcorn to string, Prancer, pray, presents, program
Q - quaint, questions, quiet time, quilts to snuggle in, quite a ___, favorite holiday quote, quizzical looks
R - reading the Christmas story, reflections of Christmas past, reindeer, rejoicing, relatives, relaxing, remembrance, ribbons, rocking horse, Rudolph
S - Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Scrooge, Season's Greetings, secrets, sheep, shepherds, Silent Night, Silver Bells, sitting on Santa's lap, skating, sledding, sleigh, sleigh bells, sleigh ride, snow, snowball fights, snowman, sugarplums, surprises, star, stockings, Swaddling Clothes
T - taking it easy, Tannenbaum, Teddy bear, Tidings of Great Joy, tinsel, toys, traditions, tree, trimming the tree, Twelve Days of Christmas, twinkling star
U - unbelievable, unforgettable, uncles, under the tree, unselfishness, "unto us a child is born", unwrapping, Up on the Housetop
V - vacation, velvet dresses, very ____, vigil, visions of sugarplums, visit of the Wise Men, visits, visitors
W - waiting for Santa, We Three Kings of Orient Are, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, welcoming guests, White Christmas, winter, Winter Wonderland, Wise Men, wishes, wrapping gifts, wreath
X - Christ, Xmas, XOX, x-tra special, x-traordinary, xylophone
Y - yawns, year-end memories, yearly Christmas letter, New Year's eve, Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus, yew, young-at-heart, youngsters, yule log, yummy treats
Z - zest, zillions of memories, zipping up to keep warm, zoom lens, catching some z-z-z-s

(You can also use the names of friends and family, places and gifts received.)

First Christmas ABC

This was for a little boy's first Christmas. The pages included visiting Santa, Christmas with various relatives, etc. The photos were silhouetted or cropped in various shapes and put tilted here and there on the pages. The same stickers were on all the pages to tie them together (holly, Christmas toys, Christmas bows and teddy bears). There were one to four letters on each page and the journaling (done a red pen) curved here and there around and among the photos. The ABC's were done with a wide tip pen to make them standout on the page.

Anticipation (Santa's lap and Xmas eve photos)
Baby's first Christmas
Taking pictures with Cousins
Decorating the house
Eve of Christmas at Grandma's house
Hugs for baby
Inside at Uncle Wayne's house
Just cousins having fun
Lots of Laughter
Morning - Santa Came!
Not quite awake
On the road
Presents at Grandpa Jones' house
Question - Who's the happiest Grandpa?
Ready to eat
Christmas Supper
Time for
Who wants to eat again?
Xtra special care for the
Youngest family member
Zzzz - someone's sleepy

Christmas A to Z

A is for angel adorning the tree
B is for Bells that chime out in glee
C is for Candy to please girls and boys
D is for Dreams which we truly enjoy
E is for Evergreens decking the room
F is for flowers of sweetest perfume
G is for gifts that bring us delight
H is for Holly with red berries bright
I is for ice, winters delicate art
J is for Joy that sings to our hearts
K is for Kris Kringle with fur cap and coat
L is for Letters the children all wrote
M is for Mistletoe inviting a kiss
N is for the Night that brought us such bliss
O is the for Ornaments--aah's they attract
P is the Peddler just opening his pack
Q is for Quadrille in which each one must dance
R is for the Reindeer that gallop and prance
S is for Snow drifting down from above
T is for Teddy, so easy to love
U is for uproar that goes on all day
V is for Voices that carol away
W for wreathes hung up on the wall
X is for Xmas with pleasures for all
Y is for Yule-log that burns clear and bright
Z is for Zest shown form morning till night

ABC's of Christmas

A - Is for Angels with Halos so bright,
Whose carols were heard on the first Christmas Night.

B - Is for Baby, the Christ Child so dear,
We celebrate Christmas, His birthday each year.

C - Is for Churches where candles burn bright,
And shed a warm glow on Christmas Eve Night.

D - Is for Doorways with garlands of green,
To make Christmas merry, as far as they are seen.

E - Is for Evergreen Garlands galore,
We hang at our windows, fireplace, and doors.

F - Is for Frosty the Snowman so white,
Who helps to make Christmas merry and bright.

G - Is for Greetings, a Merry Hello,
With a heart full of love for people we know.

H - Is for Holly with Berries so red,
To make Wreaths to hang over head.

I - Is for Ice on snow-covered hills,
Where Sledding is fun, along with the spills.

J - Is for Jingle Bells merrily ringing to the whole world,
Joy they are bringing to each boy and girl.

K - Is for Kris Kringle as merrily he stands,
That is what they call Santa in some other lands.

L - Is for Lanterns. I am sure that their light,
Helped Mary and Joseph on the first Christmas Night.

M - Is for Music, much Joy it will bring,
On Christmas Eve as sweet carolers sing.

N - Is for Noel the Angles did sing,
To Herald the Birth of Jesus our King.

O - Is for Ornaments hung on the Tree,
To sparkle and glisten for all to see.

P - Is for Presents and Packages Gay,
All under the tree for our Christmas Day.

Q - Is for Quiet Christmas Eve Night,
With snow covered hills glistening bright.

R - Is for Reindeer who help Santa deliver,
Presents to everyone without even a quiver.

S - Is for Shepherds who first saw the Star,
Over Bethlehem's Manger and followed afar.

T - Is for Tree we decorate gay,
Then wait for Santa to hurry our way.

U - Is for Universe-the whole wide world,
Where Christmas brings joy to each boy and girl.

V - Is for Vixen, a happy reindeer,
That helps Santa deliver the presents each year.

W - Is for Wise Men who brought gifts so rare,
And fell down and worshipped the Christ Child there.

X - Is for X-Mas some spell it that way,
But we prefer Christ at the head of our day.

Y - Is for Yule Logs whose bright sparks fly high,
And give a warm welcome to friends passing by.

Z - Is the last of the Letters and yet,
It's the only one in the whole Alphabet,
That doesn't stand for something you see,
Or that can be found on a Christmas Tree.
But we must use it to make things complete,
So here at the end let us repeat,
What is said as he drove out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!"

(If anyone thinks of an ending for this using a word that starts with "Z" please let me know.)

All About Christmas A to Z

A is for Angels in Bethlehem's sky.
"Glorias" echoed from on high.

B is for Bells ringing with cheer.
Christmas Day will soon be here.

C is for Candle, each flickering flame
Tells us on Christmas the Savior came.

D is for Doorways in trim, so gay.
Welcome, welcome they seem to say.

E is for Evergreens, seen everywhere.
Perfume of Christmas filling the air.

F is for Fireplace, a fine spot to rest,
But for hanging stockings, it's really best.

G is for Gifts wrapped up and tied,
With love for dear ones wrapped up inside

H is for Holly of bright red and green.
At Christmas Time it's always seen.

I is for Infant so precious and dear.
His birthday we celebrate every year.

J is for Jingle Bells as sleighing we go
Over the hillsides covered with snow.

K is for Kitchen with sweet smells galore.
The sample was good, but give me some more.

L is for Love; it seems to abound
When Christmas time comes around.

M is for Music as carols we hear,
Familiar tunes from far and near.

N is for Noel, the French people's way
Of saying this is Christmas Day.

O is for Ornament, colorful and bright
On a tree, such a beautiful sight.

P is for Peace, the Christ child its Prince
Never another before or since.

Q is for Quiet, that first Christmas night
As shepherds watched a star so bright.

R is for Reindeer that pulled Santa's sleigh
From rooftop to rooftop. Up, up and away!

S is for Santa, a fellow so jolly,
Suit as red as the berries of holly.

T is for Trees, in each house they stand
Trimmed and lighted, looking so grand.

U is for Universe. Wherever you go
Signs of Christmas clearly show.

V is for Village, full of neighbors and friends.
Christmas greeting they all like to send.

W is for Window through which we see
What Mom has prepared so lovingly.

X is for Xmas, exciting, you see,
But it's Christmas, Christmas always to me.

Y is for Yarn, all knitted and warm
To protect us during a winter storm.

Z is for Zero as temperatures fall,
Cocoa and cookies for one and for all.