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Too many people grow up. That's the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget. They don't remember what it's like to be twelve years old. They patronize, they treat children as inferiors. Well I don't do that. (Walt Disney)

Disney ABC's

A: Airplane ride, Ace Ventura Pet Detective (MGM), Alice in Wonderland, "Are We There Yet?" Animation, Aladdin, Adventureland, Abu, All-Star Sports Complex, Ariel, Arrival, Aaaaaah!, Autographs
B: Beauty and the Beast, Big Thunder mountain Railroad, Backstage Studio Tour, Buzz Lightyear, Brer Bear, Brer Fox, Brer Rabbit, Body Wars, "Be Our Guest", Blizzard Beach, Bashful, Belle, Bambi, Bus, Baloo
C: Cinderella, Castle, Carousel, Chip, Country Bear jamboree, Carpet, Carousel of Progress, Catastrophe Canyon, Childhood, Christopher Robin, crowds, Christmas parade, Cruella DeVil, Cartoon, Cantinas, Comedy Warehouse, Captain Hook, Casey Junior's Circus Train(Dumbo), Camera Shop, Critter Country
D: Donald Duck, Dale, Dumbo, Disney, Dwarfs, Dopey, Daisy Duck, Doc, Dolphins Resort, Diamond Horseshoe Saloon Revue, Donald's Dairy Dip, Delightful, Dreammaker, Davey Crockett, Dog Pound
E:Epcot, Eeyore, Elephant, entertainment, Essmerelda, Eiffel Tower, Electric Water Pageant, emporium, Electric Light Parade, Enchanted Grove, Electric Carts, Enchanted Tiki Room
F: Fifty's Prime time Cafe, Frontierland, FUN, Figment, Fox and the Hound, Fire Engine, Firehouse, Fairy Godmother, Fantasyland, Fantasia, Fountains, Fez House, Fireworks, Florida, Food, Flower(Bambi)
G: Goofy, Grand Prix Raceway, Great Movie Ride, Genie, Grumpy, Gift Shops, Gepetto, Grumman's Chinese Theater, Grin, Germany, Garden Gill, Good Times, Ghosts, Green Army Men, Gadgets Go Coaster
H: Hollywood Brown Derby, HoolaHoops, Hall of Presidents, Haunted Mansion, Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground, Hydroponics, hand stamped for re-admission, hunchback of Notre dame, hi ho hi ho, hoop dee doo musical revue, Hollywood boulevard, horse drawn streetcar, horse less carriage, hamm
I:it's a small world, innoventions, Indiana Jones, imagineering, incredible, imagination, illuminations, ice cream, institute, intermission, Italy, I can't believe we're here, id cards, iago, Indian
J:Jungle cruise, journey into imagination, John Smith, Jasmine, Jafar, Jasper, Jiminy cricket, Japan, jumping for joy, jalopy, jingling money, just terrific, jolly trolly
K: kids, knights, kiddie rides, King Arthur, King Louie, keelboats, Kanga, Kodak picture spots, Ketchakiddie Creek, King Stefan's banquet hall, King Tritan, King Neptune, King Arthur's carousel
L: little mermaid, lumiair, living seas, laughter, Lion King, Lady and the Tramp, laser light show, long lines, liberty bell, liberty tree, liberty square, live wire theater, lemonade, Lake Buena Vista, Lottawatta Lodge
M: main street USA, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, magic kingdom, Mad Hatter's tea party, Mr. toad's wild ride, Mary poppins, meeko, monorail, magic lamp, morocco, Mexico, Mr. potato head, Matterhorn
N: Nala, New Orleans square, nighttime parade, New York street, nine-eye, narcoosees, Norway, native dances, never never land, new adventures, never ending fun
O: Orlando, Oliver and Company, O'Malley (aristocats), 101 Dalmatians, owl, Old Yeller, outer rim cocktail lounge, ooooh!, 'ohana(polynesian resort), only's bar, once upon a time, O'Canada, omnibus
P:pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan's flight, Pocohontas, Polynesian luau, Pluto, Pooh, Piglet, Pecos Bill's cafe, Pinochhio, passport, prince charming, Pongo, Perdita, Polynesian resort, pizza planet, parades, pleasure island, planet Hollywood, princess, Pumbaa
Q: Queen of Hearts, Quasimodo, Quartet, Queasy from Crazy Rides, Quiet times, Quick thinking, quite remarkable.
R: Rex, Roger Rabbit, rope bridge, Robin Hood, rafts, Ratcliffe, Rafiki, rescuers, remember the magic, Roo, rides, railroad, rockets, resting, rock inn, rock and roll beach club, river country, race cars, robots
S: sword in the stone, slinky dog, Swiss family tree house, splash mountain, Snow White, space mountain, star tours, skyway, steam boat, Sleepy, Sneezy, swan hotel, souvenirs, swan, spectromagic, sunshine season food court, special effects, star wars, sunset blvd.
T: tomorrowland, Tinker Bell, toon town, Thumper, Tom Sawyers island, thunder mountain, teacups, tram, toy story, twilight zone, tower of terror, Tigger, tickets, tiki birds, trolley, tuckered out, timekeeper, TTA
(tomorrowland transit authority), typhoon lagoon, traders of Timbuktu
U: Universe of energy, uniforms, Uncle Scrooge, under the sea, underground operations, unbelievable, utterly amazing, Ursula
V: Vacation, video arcade, volcano, voyage of the little mermaid, villas at the Disney institute, Victoria and Albert's
W:world showcase, wonderful, world of motion, wonders of life, Woody, Wendy(Peter Pan), Walt Disney, walking shoes, wonders of china, wishing well, wicked witch, Winnie the Pooh, whale
X: x-mas, xtra special (people, places), eXtraterrorestrial Alien encounter, EXcellent, PiXie Dust, EXceptional, EXtraordinary
Y:Yahoo!, yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me, Yankee trader, yellow ponchos, young at heart, yacht club, yachtsman's steak house, yippee, yong feng shopping area
Z: ZZZZZ, Zipidee Doo Dah, Zipidee Ay

Disney Page Ideas

To make Minnie Mouse, use black circles, add a bow cut from the white paper with raspberry hearts. Cut the bow from scrap paper, cut it folded in quarters--free hand with knot in middle and ends coming out.

I did a "silhouette page" of the photos with characters because the backgrounds were so busy. I mounted each silhouette on nautical blue paper and re-cut the paper to follow the silhouette outline. For a title I used "When you wish upon a star" and added musical notes stickers. Die-cut stars and small star stickers finished it up.

Disney World Photo Tips

(from an idea by Amy H. CMC)

Buy your film at home because of the high cost of film at the parks. Write your name and address on a piece of paper and photograph it at the start of each new roll in case your pictures get misplaced at the developers. Have at least one roll of film for each day of your vacation and a roll for each character meal.

If you plan to visit a water-park, a one-time-use waterproof camera is a good investment.

While at WDW:
Pick up at least three good copies of each park map and other important flyers. You'll need two copies for cutting up (one for the front, the second for the back). In a pocket page you can keep the complete maps and flyers.
Keep receipts from meals. They look great next to a picture from the restaurant! They will also be interesting when your grandchildren look at the prices years from now.
Souvenir Menus: Many restaurants are willing to give you a keepsake menu if you ask. Make a note of what you ordered to eat and what you thought of it.
Restaurants: Use pictures of restaurant signs for titles.
Write down at least a rough outline of your activities to help you when you journal at home.
Character autographs: Try to get each one on a separate page, if you will be cutting them out for the book. The Sentiments (5x7) album makes a wonderful autograph book. Simply have the characters sign the page, and add the photo across from it.
Your WDW reservation letter and ticket receipts. You may also want to include your airline tickets or parking stubs.

Be sure to buy:
Postcards showing your favorite attractions.
The Epcot World Showcase Passport. This can be a wonderful treasure. You get it stamped and signed in each pavilion. The stamps are good illustrations of each country.

Pressed Pennies. The machines are set up throughout the WDW. There are many different designs to collect, each one commemorating a unique aspect of Disney-characters, rides, restaurants, etc. You can mount them in your album using Large Photo Corners.

Be sure to take pictures of:
Everyone in your group ALL TOGETHER. Cast Members as well as other visitors will be happy to oblige. Of course, a shot in front of the Castle is great. Epcot: in front of Spaceship Earth; Disney Studios: in front of the Great Movie Ride; Animal Kingdom: with the Tree of Life in the background.
You in front of your favorite attractions and everyone else in front of their favorites!
You/your group at your resort. Get both inside and outside your hotel room. Also, take a picture of the sign at the entrance of the resort. This makes a nice title. Make a note of your first-impressions. Don't forget the pool and the food court/restaurant.
You/your group traveling, packing, arriving at the airport, on the airplane, packing the car, stops for gas, etc.
You/your group traveling AT the park. You will use many methods of transportation while at Disney World. Take photos of the busses, the boats, the Monorail, the train, and the Skyway. Ask someone to take a picture of your groups' feet. You will have done a TON of walking on this vacation.
The unusual and unique treats on your vacation make it special. For instance: turkey legs at Pecos Bills Cafe; Dole Whips; funny hats; Mickey balloons and ice cream bars; the clock on Main Street saying how late you stayed for E-Ride night; special drinks at Epcot; clowning around in line.
Don't miss the Magic Moments. Snap away when you see a special expression of enchantment or wonderment. If your child just LOVES It's a Small World, be sure to take an up-close, un-posed picture of him or her on the ride. Take your waterproof camera on Splash Mountain and capture the looks of surprise after the drop.
Bring a special folder (I used a plastic zippered bag) to keep treasures in. Make sure everyone knows that is *your* special collection; you don't want someone accidentally tossing out the extra maps and papers.

Ideas for the Kids

Buy your kids a throwaway camera and give them a list of 24 or 36 shots they are supposed to find at Disney World. You could also make it a little educational by telling them to use the alphabet and take a picture of something that starts with "A", then "B", then "C", etc. When you get home you could make a Disney ABC album together. Try to keep track of what letters you have taken pics of--it would be awful to get home and find you were missing the letter "Q."
It might also be interesting and educational to focus on World Showcase in Epcot. Have children look for something significant to photograph in each of the countries and get some information about the countries from the foreign cast members.

Take a favorite (small) stuffed animal along. Get pictures of the toy in various locations throughout the parks. Do a page or two called "_____'s Adventures at Disney World."

Visit the Camera Center in the Magic Kingdom near the entrance of the park. Inside are props to pose with. You can also have some professional photos taken that will range from about $12-$50.

Character Meals. If you plan to have any character meals, ask if they take professional photographs.

One way to organize A Disney Album:

Getting Ready to go
On the Road/In the plane
Our Resort
Magic Kingdom
Epcot (Future World/World Showcase)
Disney-MGM Studios
Animal Kingdom
Meeting the Characters
Downtown Disney
Universal Studios
Sea World
Heading Home
Brochures and Booklets

When you get home:
Decide the categories you want in your album. This was your vacation and the photos will be uniquely you. Sort through your photos and memorabilia and put them into categories. Maybe use a shoebox with simple hand-made dividers to keep things neat. Some memorabilia will not fit in the shoebox--use a post-it note/index card to record what memorabilia you want to include in each section and store it elsewhere. When you are ready to do those pages, you will know what you want to include.

Disney Trip Ideas

(from a post by Al on Stampin' and Scrappin')

We got back on Sunday from our week long Disney vacation. We spent a day at the Magic Kingdom and a day at Epcot. We also visited Universal Islands of Adventure and Sea World. Our last day we went back to the Magic Kingdom. I thought I'd pass along some picture discoveries and tips for you to use or pass along to your customers. Keep in mind that Disney changes policies, locations, etc. without notice.

  1. TAKE YOUR OWN FILM - It is almost twice as expensive there. Take more rolls to the parks each day than you think you'll need.
  2. TAKE PICTURES OF THE CASTLE - Cinderella's Castle is one of the most photographed buildings in the entire world. Do not try to fight the urge to snap a dozen shots of it from various angles angles. I got a great shot from the rose garden (on the Tomorrowland side of the central hub) and from the bridge to the Crystal Palace. Also go inside the castle and take pictures of the beautiful murals. The bridge to Tomorrowland has two topiaries of Mickey and Minnie and with a little work I got them in front with the castle in the background.
  3. GET GROUP SHOTS! - Ask a stranger to snap the shot. If you can't bear to ask a stranger ask a Disney cast member.
  4. TAKE PICTURES OF SIGNS - Snap pictures of signs to the different lands, signs for shows and rides and signs to restaurants. They make great and EASY page titles.
  5. CHARACTER PICTURES - If you want to have pictures taken with characters, head to Mickey's Toon Town Fair as soon as it opens (it opened an hour after the park opened when we were there). We had to wait in line but not for long. In the afternoon these lines are almost unbearable. And be prepared to wait longer for Mickey. Try to have the characters kneel down if your child is small.
  6. FIND CHARACTERS IN UNEXPECTED PLACES - Keep your eye out for characters in out-of-the-way places. We stumbled upon a "Character Encounter" sign in Future World at Epcot where we walked right in to meet Goofy.
  7. GO TO THE CAMERA SHOP ON MAIN STREET - It is a place to get ideas. At the back of the store they have different pictures of the MK. They also sell Disney scrapbooking supplies.
  8. BE READY FOR THE PROFESSIONAL PORTRAITS - As soon as you enter the park you'll see main street cast members snapping peoples pictures and handing them slips of paper. They will direct you to view your professional picture at the camera shop at a certain time. These 5x7's aren't cheap but with planning you could get an EXCELLENT title page shot. Search out a photographer if one does not approach you. Ask for a close up or several different takes. You have no obligation to buy and have a better chance for a better picture if you have several to choose from. Take off your hat and sunglasses and take kids out of strollers and hold them up if their small. You can get pro shots at the Toon Town Character places too but you can also snap as many pictures as you want.
  9. GET UP FRONT FOR PARADES - We staked out our parade spot at 2pm on our second day at the Magic Kingdom and it was worth the time! My son got to dance in the parade twice with different cast members and characters. I recommend getting a curb spot on the right side of the central hub (when facing the castle). Our parade started at the back of the park so I have pictures of the parade with the castle in the background. This area doesn't fill up as early as Main Street does but you'll still want to a lot time. We used the time as a snack and rest break. The 3 p.m. parade reached us at 3:20.
  10. LOOK FOR GOOD PAGE ELEMENTS - I snapped a panoramic shot of the gate to the monorail and boat area. It had silhouettes of all the Disney characters. Road signs and the Walt Disney and Mickey statue in front of the castle are neat elements too. Treat them more like stickers or die-cuts.
  11. DON'T FORGET THE LITTLE THINGS - I made sure to snap shots of the monorail and the paddle boat. Other fun shots are of the full parking lot, the entrance gate/turnstiles, eating, resting, and waiting in line. Try to catch all the moments. And my personal favorite is the exhausted toddler asleep in the stroller. Close-ups are also important.
  12. LOOK FOR THE KODAK PICTURE SIGNS - These are great photo spots. They were designed to give you pictures you wouldn't normally take.
  13. DON'T COUNT ON AN OVERHEAD SHOT - Skyway to Tomorrowland is no longer open and 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is gone too.
  14. TAPESTRY OF NATIONS PARADE AT EPCOT - Try to get shots from a distance since the puppets are huge up close. The parade is actually several identical mini parades. So if you miss that perfect shot. Hang around and that same puppet will walk by again in about ten minutes. And the parade has two different times.
  15. SAVE YOUR STUFF - get several copies of park maps on your way OUT of the park. That way you'll have clean copies to put in your album or cut up and use on pages. Also keep ticket stubs, priority seating cards, Fastpass tickets, etc. They are great additions to your album and the admission tickets have great graphics to inspire page ideas!
  16. BUY POSTCARDS!! - Get postcards of all the big events and landmarks. That way if something happens to your film you're covered. Plus you'll get much better shots of the rides and attractions since postcard pictures are taken when the park is closed and use special cameras and lighting. Use them like die-cuts or photos. I especially recommend this for the fireworks. Snap a couple of pictures of your family watching the fireworks and combine those with the postcards for a great fireworks page.
  17. KEEP YOUR CAMERA HANDY - Keep it around your neck or in your hand if you can.
  19. TAKE PICTURES IN GIFT SHOPS - They are great places for pictures. Snap a shot of your kids standing in front of all those Mickey stuffed dolls.
  20. TAKE MORE PICTURES THAN YOU NEED - That way you're sure to get a good shot. I have my film developed at my local Walmart One Hour Photolab. That way I don't have to buy all the pictures. They deducted $34.00 from my developing cost because I removed unwanted, blurry or duplicate pictures from each roll. This process took me some time but it was worth it. Because I deleted all these extra shots I was able to afford to develop my film at one hour for about what it would have cost me to send it out and I didn't have to risk having film lost at the lab.
  21. FINALLY...PUT YOUR CAMERA AWAY AND HAVE FUN! - This piece of advice doesn't seem to fit in with all my other tips. It is the hardest to follow but it's important. Let some of those magical moments go unphotographed. Actually LOOK at the fireworks with your naked eye instead of through your viewfinder. Ride the carousel with your child and leave the camera with your husband. Eat an ice cream bar and watch the people go by. LOOK at the castle. Really look at it and remember the magic yourself. This is your vacation too. Besides if you don't put the camera away at least some of the time, you risk a revolt from the rest of your party. If you really need a camera fix separate from your group for half an hour and walk around snapping to your heart's content.

Alison's Favorite Shots

Something to Think About

Disney World and Disneyland are the only people traps operated by mice.

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