This file includes Frowns and Tears and Someone's in Trouble.
Also see Smiles and Giggles, Frowns and Tears Song Lists, Someone's in Trouble Song Lists, Problems Song Lists, Ouchies, and other files in the Children Section.

Frowns and Tears

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Someone's in Trouble

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Sit Still!

(Crystal Bowman)

My father says to sit up straight,
My mother says, "Don't squirm!"
They say that I remind them
Of a wiggle, wiggle worm.

My ankles get so tired
When they're hanging in the air.
They feel a whole lot better
When I rest them on my chair.

Sitting still in grown-up chairs
Is really quite a chore.
But life will be more pleasant
When my feet can touch the floor.

(Note: Since I never quite made it to 5' 2", there are times I still sit in a chair where my feet don't touch the floor.)

 Page Ideas - Time out

I did this when my five-year-old son was put in time out, and his little eighteen-month-old brother sat down next to him to offer support. My husband ran over to the computer and made a sign for each of them to hold that said "T.D.C.J. 23458" (for Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice)--then we had them pose as if getting their mug shots taken (serious faces), etc. I used black strips for jail bars (making one side appear to be the door), mounted the pictures, mostly on top of the bars, but one was slightly under a bar, and journaled on the bottom, explaining the pictures. I colored my thumb with black ink and put a few "fingerprints" in the white spaces! This page gets a lot of attention, laughs, and compliments!

Spring Rain

(Marchette Chute)

The storm came up so very quick
It couldn't have been quicker.
I should have brought my hat along;
I should have brought my slicker.

My hair is wet, my feet are wet,
I couldn't be much wetter.
I fell into a river once
But this is even better.

See the Seasons and Weather file for more things about rain, mud, etc.

To Scrap or Not to Scrap, That is the Question

Whether tis nobler in the minde to suffer the slings and arrowes of outragious fortune . . .
Oops! sorry, that's a different file ;-)

Recently on a message board there was a discussion about whether or not to scrap about crying, cranky babies, etc. Here are a few of the highlights from that discussion:

Part of the original post by apey:
. . . Do I write about what a fussy baby my son was? . . . my son was difficult to say the least. He cried a LOT--nothing made him happy. He didn't sleep more than three hours at a time until he was over five months old . . . He is seven years old now and a very sensitive child. He cries easily and gets very upset if things don't go his way . . . I just wondered if it was a good idea to put in writing how fussy he was . . . or should I leave that part out?

Some replies:

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