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See also Dreams (aspirations), Night, Lullabies and Teddy Bears.

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Sleep Quotes


(Sir Philip Sidney)

Come, Sleep! O Sleep, the certain knot of peace,
The baiting-place of wit, the balm of woe,
The poor man's wealth, the prisoner's release,
The indifferent judge between high and low.

Going to Bed

(Marchette Chute)

I'm always told to hurry up-
Which I'd be glad to do,
If there were not so many things
That need attending to.

But first I have to find my towel
Which fell behind the rack,
And when a pillow's thrown at me
I have to throw it back.

And then I have to get the things
I need in bed with me.
Like marbles and my birthday train
And Pete the chimpanzee.

I have to see my polliwog
Is safely in its pan,
And stand a minute on my head
To be quite sure I can.

I have to bounce upon my bed
To see if it will sink,
And then when I am covered up
I find I need a drink.


(Lilian Moore)

My secret way of waking
is like a place
to hide.
I'm very still,
my eyes are shut.
They all think I am sleeping
but I'm wide awake inside.
They all think I am sleeping
but I'm wiggling my toes.
I feel sun-fingers
on my cheek.
I hear voices whisper-speak.
I squeeze my eyes
to keep them shut
so they will think I'm sleeping
BUT I'm really awake inside
--and no one knows!

The Land of Nod

(Robert Louis Stevenson)

From breakfast on through all the day
At home among my friends I stay,
But every night I go abroad
Afar into the land of Nod.

All by myself I have to go,
With none to tell me what to do--
All alone beside the streams
And up the mountain-sides of dreams.

The strangest things are these for me,
Both things to eat and things to see,
And many frightening sights abroad
Till morning in the land of Nod.

Try as I like to find the way,
I never can get back by day,
Nor can remember plain and clear
The curious music that I hear.

Time to Change

(Nova T. Ashley)

We set our tick-tock back to reap
An extra hour of Sunday sleep;
But then--alas!--we had no power
To set the baby back an hour!

Midnight Thoughts

A tiny cry within the night,
A mother's touch, a gentle light,
A rocking chair, a cheek caressed,
A baby to a bosom pressed,
A bundle in a cot replaced,
A mother's footsteps, soft,
She whispers as the shadows
Creep . . .
"Now, let me sleep! Please,
Let me sleep!!"

Send the Children to Bed With a Kiss

Oh, parents, so weary, discouraged.
Worn out with the cares of the day,
You often grow cross and impatient,
Complain of the noise and the play.
For the day brings many vexations,
So many things go amiss.
But, parents, whatever may vex you,
Send the children to bed with a kiss.

The dear little feet often wander,
Perhaps from the pathways of right.
The dear little hands find new mischief
To try you from morning 'til night
But think of the desolate parents
Who'd give all the world for your bliss.
And as thanks for your infinite blessings,
Send the children to bed with a kiss.

For someday their noise will not vex you.
The silence will hurt you far more.
You will long for the sweet childish voices,
For a sweet childish face at the door.
And to press a child's face to your bosom,
You'd give all the world just for this.
For the comfort t'will give you in sorrow,
Send the children to bed with a kiss.

Sleep Page Ideas

Song lists about sleeping and goodnight are near the bottom of the page


This is about physical dreams. Also see Dreams (aspirations).

Page Toppers


A Dream of a Baby

Sometimes while I sleep you may see me smile
Maybe quite often--maybe once in a while
Perhaps an angel just whispered to me
And said just how lucky a baby can be
But when I smile in this dream I think it just might
Be because some one did not burp me just right.

Note: Songs lists about dreams and nightmares are at the bottom of page.

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Waking Up

Waking Up Page Toppers

What Time is it?

A motorist decided to pull into a city park for a nap after a long day's drive. As he settled down in the seat and closed his eyes, a jogger rapped on his window to inquire the time. Bleary-eyed, he found his watch and proclaimed it to be 10:30.
Sleeping at last, he was awakened by another jogger rapping on the window.
"Sir, do you have the time?"
Looking at his watch again, he answered, "It's 10:45."
He wasn't getting much rest, so he fashioned a crude note and stuck it on the dash so all could read. It stated, "I don't have the time."
Again, he settled back for his sorely needed nap. Along came another jogger who rapped on his window and called out, "Sir, it's 11 o'clock."

Note: Song lists about waking up are at the bottom of the page.

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Slumber Parties

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Page Idea

Use sleeping bags for sleep over, camping and slumber party pages. Cut two rectangles out of coordinating papers and round off the two bottom corners of each one. Mount one on top of the other. Turn down one of the corners of the top rectangle at an angle so it looks like a sleeping bag. Some people use one rectangle and cut a small triangle for the turn down part.
Some of the stickers that go good to decorate these pages are flashlights, toys, make up, music notes, etc. (Tobi W.)

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Songs about Sleep

Songs about Goodnight

Songs about Dreams

Songs about Nightmares

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Songs about Waking Up

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