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Peek-A-Boo Window Album

This is a wonderful album to show progressive growth. The idea is to show, on each double page spread, one picture through a window on the left (start) and another on the right (where they ended up) both visible through the window as the pages are turned

Ideas For Use:

Assembling the Album:

  1. Supplies needed: circle (or oval) cutter, circle template, ruler, pencil with eraser, creative memories pages
  2. Decide how many pages you would like a window in and remove them from your album. An example would be one double page spread for each year in school. Do you want to include preschool? Make room for title page or dedication page??
  3. Pick a photo that would like to see in the window on the right and one for the left side (this may be added at a later date)
  4. Decide where you would like your window and mount your photo on the left- hand side to line up with the circle placement
  5. Place circle cutter template on your mounted photo and decide what size to cut the circle.
  6. Measure with a ruler from the bottom photo, Transfer those measurements to blank page and cut the circle.
  7. Double check circle for appropriate placement (adjust picture if you need to)
  8. Use first cut as a template for the rest of pages to be cut. Draw circle with pencil and cut the other pages one at a time

Peek-a-boo Page Ideas

Peek-A-Boo Pages (handout)

Peek-a-boo pages will give your albums some added character with little effort. They are great for title pages, but can also be used anywhere throughout your album. When you are finished with your Peek-a-Boo page it will seem as though the photos seen through the holes are a part of the page. When the page is turned, the same photo will be on the following page. This effect is very appealing and original.
Tools required:


Peek-a-Boo pages being used as title pages may not require photos on the front side. If you choose to use them somewhere else in your album you will need enough photos to complete four pages. There will be a page to the left of the Peek-a-Boo page, two sides of the Peek-a-Boo page, and another page following the cut-out page. So, you will need to highlight two photos, one on page one and one on the page four. Poems and memorabilia are also very nice when trying to place something through the Peek-a-Boo page.

Here are a few ideas that will add to the impact of your Peek-a-Boo pages:

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