The files are arranged with Significant Days first, then Months, then Weeks. Official Holidays are in red.
I included 'unofficial' holidays. It is always good to have a reason to celebrate or something to make you think. I didn't make up any holidays but sometimes gave them a name - such as for inventions.
The dates of some holidays change from year to year. I tried to find a pattern, such as the first Wednesday or second Sunday and include the correct day for the next few years. There is some duplication of days. Sometimes different groups designate different times to recognize the same issue.

Many links are to the home pages of websites in case the individual page address changes. Often holidays are under "press releases" or "announcements".
Originally I tried to have at least one link for every entry, including links to recipes on all food-related days. However, that was a problem because it took a lot of time replacing broken links. Now when I find a broken link I delete it and only replace or add links when someone suggests one. Many of the links that are left are to poems and quotes on my website or articles on WikipediA (neither of which change very often).

Some people may see no reason to 'celebrate' something like "Hemophilia Month" or "Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month", but the fact that there is someone working to promote awareness of specific diseases is something to be happy about.


Here are some of sources used to compile this website and sites for more info.

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