This file includes Scrapper's Block, Design Principles, Scrapbooking 101, Postage Stamps as Decoration and Photo Mounting Sleeves, and miscellaneous ideas. Also see Album Types, Fancy Pages and other pages in the Layout Section.

Simple Blues Clues Idea

Crop photo to a medium sized circle and mat with Caribbean blue. Then cut four smaller blue circles for "toes" and mount the whole thing like a blue paw print.

Paper Photo Corners

Cut strips about one half inch wide. Fold both ends of the strips to the back (or front) matching the sides to make a triangle. Trim across the bottom of the triangle.
Using fancy scissors along one edge makes them look elegant. Stickers on the fronts jazz them up a bit. Make them in different colors and sizes. Attach with splits or tape runner.
Try two layers - a solid and a print - for Christmas Corners.

Another idea: Insert photos through slits on the front of a mat. Add stickers at corners if desired

Multiple Events on the Same Page

I started with fifty years of photos and had I put one event per page I would have had an impossible number of albums. Also I often only had one photo - or none - from an event. I journal a LOT but not enough to fill every page with just one photo. I use some poems, quotes or stickers to fill in space but I usually focus on photos and stories. I don't mind some 'white space' but not so much that it looks like I haven't finished the page.

I use different techniques to "divide" my pages depending on the number of events per page and how different they are. I alternate dividing pages horizontally, vertically or diagonally to add interest. I am a chronological scrapbooker and am not comfortable mixing things from several years. I don't mind mixing within the same year - like all the photos of cousins or a particular group of relatives from within that year. For example, a photo of one niece's new baby along with her brother's wedding and their whole family at Christmas. Sometimes I do seasonal pages like spring/Easter photos with pastels; fall/Thanksgiving/Halloween with brown, orange and yellow, etc.

Here are some divided page ideas I have used or seen.

This type of album looks better than it sounds and is very enjoyable to look at. Not so much for strangers or people who are looking for layout ideas but people who know me can spend hours pouring over the pages - even sometimes when I wish they wouldn't because I suddenly remember how personal some of the stuff I put in the album is.

Labeling a Group Photo

When you have a group photo where people are not in straight rows it can be difficult to label so people can identify who is who. One way to do that is to trace the silhouette of the people in the photo on a piece of paper using a light box - or just sketch it. Write the names in the appropriate place on the paper. You can put the sketch in the album next to the photo or make a pocket for it. You can put the photo in a photo mounting sleeve, adhere it with a paper hinge and put the sketch behind it. You can also copy and reduce the size of the sketch but I would write the names first.

Using Small Photos

Ideas to use with wallet size photos from friends of their kids and pets - or postage stamp size photos you get with portrait packages.

No Camera!

(Connie Sanderson)

Where was the camera?
Was it far away?
'Cause I(we) have no pictures
for the _________ day (fill in the blank like: Christmas day).
What a crazy thing that I (we) have done.
I can't believe there are really none!
(or there is really not a single one!)
So read the stories that I've written here
that tell about our memories, so dear.

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Postage Stamps as page decoration

I use postage stamps to decorate my album pages. I usually just put one in each corner with a simple border drawn between them. Most recently, I used the James Dean stamps for a 50s party; the Chinese New Year stamps for our trip to China, the desert scenes for our trip to Sedona and various decade stamps for my family reunion. (Since the post office makes huge profits from stamp collecting they take great care in making sure stamps are made of archival quality materials.)
New stamps are introduced on a regular basis. Search online or ask at you post office to see what is currently available. (Michele Rice)

"V" Template

Using cardboard, cut a 4" square, then cut it on the diagonal. Next, cut a smaller triangle out of the larger one, leaving an "V" shape that is about 1" wide from outside edge to inside edge. It will look something like this:

     | \
     | |
     | | 
     | | 
     | |__________ 

You can use this template for many things. For example:

Scrapbooking 101 - Getting the most from your albums

(by Jean Gifford)

Basic Design and Layout Principles

(many of these ideas are from Margie W., Barbara M. and Michele R.)

Keep in mind some simple principles of design and your pages will be attractive and visually pleasing. The following are some things to think about as you lay out your pages.

Making Simple Pages

(condensed from an idea by Donna B.)

Mix and Match Albums

Take one each of the blue, green and mahogany album and mix up the binding covers to get an album that goes with the school pages. This was for someone who had three children but you could do it with two colors also.
With the new black album, some folks might be able to do school colors (black and silver!). 

Photos you want in your album but don't always want everyone to see


I sometimes put photo sleeves ON the page protector. I use page protectors on every page, but when I use a photo sleeve under it, it's hard to pull out to look at. So I put a not-so-important-but-can't-toss photo UNDER the item in the photo sleeve.
I do this a lot now, and it's a nice surprise for the kids to see what photo I HID under the photo sleeve!

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Photo Mounting Sleeves

Non-scrapbooking uses for Photo Mounting Sleeves:

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Scrapbook Idea Jar

Put these ideas on strips of paper and grab one whenever you have Scrapper's Block! (You can add other ideas - I only kept the more unusual ones.)

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