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The Family Quilt

Our family quilt was started
generations in the past.
Designed with love,
its pattern's rich
in values that will last.
Each person sews another square
of memories that endure,
While challenges add strength
that makes our family life secure.
And stitching it together
threads of closeness,
warmth, and caring
Make it cozy and more comforting
with every year of sharing.

Family Lasts Forever

F is for Familiar . . .
there is no place like home.
A is for always welcome,
no matter how far you roam.
M is for memories,
more cherished
each passing day.
I is for inspiration
given along the way.
L is for Love you feel
each time you get together.
Y is for the years to come,
for family lasts forever.

Family Ties

(Virginia Moore)

Family ties are precious things,
Woven through the years,
Of memories of togetherness,
Of laughter, love and tears.

Family ties are cherished things,
Forged in childhood days,
By love of parents, deep and true,
And sweet familiar ways.

Family ties are treasured things,
And far though we may roam,
The tender bonds with those we love,
Still pull our hearts toward home.

My Family

(Joan Walsh Anglund, All About My Family)

A family is the place we start
It is our strength,
Our home our heart.
So to my family I give praise
And keep this record of all our days.


F ather
A nd
M other
L ove
Y ou

The Family

(Erma Bombeck)

We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting one another's desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together.


(Mary Scott)

Our family is a circle of
strength and love,
With every birth
and every union,
the circle grows.
Every crisis faced together
makes the circle stronger.
Every joy shared
adds more love.

A Family is Special

There's nothing more special
than being a part
of a family that listens
and comforts and cares,
And nothing more special
or dear to the heart
than the feelings of love
that a family shares.

The Family Tree

(Jim Wolf)

One tree outlives the mighty oak
Because it's made of special folk,
Through generations changing form,
Providing shelter from life's storm.

Our parents' parents and before,
Who may have lived on distant shores,
They root our lives in memories;
We're nourished by their histories.

A sturdy trunk that lends support
And gives us care of every sort--
The fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts,
Who nurture us like tender plants.

The children, branching toward the sky,
Have brand new dreams and deeds to try.
And babies, buds that seem so small,
Will flower so the tree grows tall.


(by Glenda Campbell)

There's a special kind of closeness
that only families know,
That begins with childhood trust
and deepens as you grow.

There's a special kind of happiness
in sharing little things,
The laughter, smiles, and quiet talks
that daily living brings.

There's a special kind of comfort
in knowing your family's there,
To back you up, to cheer you up
to understand and care.

Of all the treasures life may bring,
your family means the most,
And whether near or far apart,
That love will hold you close.

ABC Family Album

A is for April . . . the month that we wed
B is for babies . . . little sleepy heads
C is for Christmas . . . with presents for you
D is for dancing . . . in line . . . and square, too.
E is for Easter . . . and eggs that you find
F is for flowers . . . that bloom in springtime
G is for Granny and Granddaddy, too!
H is for haircuts . . . that look so good on you
I is for innocence . . . in the eyes of a child
J is for jumping . . . and going wild
K is for Karley and Kimberly . . . our angels from above
L is for Leroy . . . the daddy we love
M is for Missy . . . the mommy so fair
N is for Nanny . . . who's great beyond compare
O is for OHHH . . . what a mess
P is for Paw Paw . . . to us he's the best
Q is for quiet . . . which we have no pictures of
R is for remembrance . . . memories of those we love
S is for stars . . . that light up the sky
T is for Thomas . . . our sweet little guy
U is for unclothed . . . and getting clean
V is for value . . . what our family means
W is for water . . . wet and wild in the sun
X is for eXploring . . . and having fun
Y is for yummy . . . a tasty treat
Z is for zoo . . . and the animals you meet

Family Memories ABC Book

(CMC Connie L. - This can be used a Christmas gift or just to share extra family photos.)

A - Airplane: air show, kids playing "airplane"
B - Best Buddies Pairs: cousins, kids w/ grandparents, siblings, etc.
C - Carrying on the (family) Name: generations of "men folk"
D - Dogs: [No dogs in your family? . . . how about "Dress Up"]
E - Every Memory: special family events, weddings, baptisms, graduations, etc.
F - Family: family portraits
G - Great Fun: ball pits, playground, games, amusement park rides
H - Happy: smiley face pics from vacations, parties, events, etc.
I - I Love You: Hugs and cuddles
J - Just Married: newlyweds
K - Kansas Living: KU/KSU fans; River Festival; prairie scenery; our church, etc.
L - Looney Toons!: variety of goofy faces and poses
M - Mud: little kids (and not-so-little kids) playing in the mud
N - Nice to Meet You: first introductions to baby - grandparents, siblings, etc.
O - Oooh, Baby!: each child/grandchild as a baby
P - Play Ball: your choice of your family's favorite ball sports
Q - Quiet Time: all kinds of lounging around, naps, watching TV
R - Reading is a family Thing: adults reading to kids; kids to adults, etc.
S - Siblings: of various generations
T - Tuxedo Man: guys in tuxes, ring bearers, proms, weddings, etc.
U - Uncles: with nephews and nieces in various combinations
V - Very Special Memories: you have your own!
W - Womenfolk: all the ladies of the family
X - X-tra short, please!: haircut pics
Y - Yikes! We're Nudie!: bathtub pics
Z - ZZZZZZ: sleeping pics: in rocking chair, on couch, on floor, in hammock, etc.

Mirror Page Idea

"Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future." (Gail Lumet Buckly)
Use a small flat mirror. Center the mirror on the page and add pictures of the grandparents. When you and your children look at the page you could look at the pictures of the great grandparents and see if you see any resemblance.
This idea and quote could also be used on a page of photos showing family resemblances--with or without the mirror.  Group photos of various family members of any generation that happen to look alike. Usually you will find the most resemblance if you look at baby pictures or photos of early teens.

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