Some of these ideas were created for specific die-cuts but they can easily be adapted to similar ones.

Die-Cut Ideas

(Julie in KS)

Die-cut Substitutions

If you use a lot of the same die-cut you might want to get a template of that shape. It will save money and you will be able to cut it in any color.

Many of the new die-cuts are pretty similar to the old ones (only smaller) so in a lot of the layouts they can be used instead. Often the smaller size is an asset because they don't take up so much space on the page.

Pick the seven or eight most commonly used die-cuts and laminate either the die-cut or the stencil to use as a pattern. (Or cut some patterns out of old manila folders.)

Using the Stencil Part of the Die-cut

Ideas for the New Small Die-Cuts

Landscape Die-Cut Idea

(by Jean Gifford) Most of the landscape die-cuts can be split over two pages by cutting them in half and centering the two halves around the page break.

With the Nativity die-cut, I have used it very effectively (especially in the 8 x 10 album) by cutting carefully right between Joseph and the kneeling wise man. Round both cuts slightly (follow the curve of Joseph's back and the curve of wise man's knee. Then, mount them on opposite SIDES of the pages, not the center. Looks like the wise men are coming WAY in from the East, and really pulls together the two-page spread.

Using Up Old Die-cuts

For the title page of a child's album groups various die-cuts relating to babies or children at the bottom of the page. You can use a lot and overlap them as needed to fit. For the title of the page use "My Childhood Memories". (Cheryl D. CMC)

Note: You could do a similar type of title page for a sports album, school album or a section of a regular album on those subjects.

Miscellaneous Die-cut Ideas

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