This includes a sample page album. Also see Shoptalks, Workshop Games and the Consultant Section. Some ideas need to be updated as products change.

Birthday Crop Poem

(Jill S.)

Give customer a birthday die-cut at their birthday workshop with this poem:

You're another year older
And much wiser, too!
You're working on your albums;
Good for you!

Funny thing about birthdays,
They just don't seem to stop!
But what better way to celebrate
Than by coming to a CROP!

Food for Workshops

Drinks at a workshop:
Purchase household 'totes' (used to carry cleaners around the house.) Set on floor between customers. They can easily reach the drink . . . pictures are safe . . . and so is my carpet! Most customers don't think about a drink spilling on the table and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Another nice feature is that I can take drink orders, carry a tote to the kitchen, then carry them down in the tote.

Ideas for M&M's as workshop treats

CM Pharmacy Ph. xxx-xxxx
Take as needed: Refills: Your Discretion
Scrapbooking Vitamins
Yellow - Idea Enricher
Pink - Energy
Green - Journaling Jazz
Blue - Creativity

RX: Cropping Pills
Pharmacist: xxxxxxxxx #######
Take as Needed: See pharmacist for refill
DANGER: This medication, combined with scrapbooking, may have serious side effects or prove addictive.
May cause drowsiness due to sleepless nights. Keep this and all scrapbooking supplies away from children.
They will steal your stickers and take your medicine.

I printed the labels on #5620 Avery labels. (Shari T)

I use a point system for prizes. I give them a sheet with point values and they complete things to get points.
For example:
If they pre-paid, were on time, or wore something relating to the theme of the crop, they get one point for each.
I challenge them to do layouts for one point each:
layout using a new design lines sticker
layout using a sticker border
layout using the circle cutter
layout from the new idea book
layout using the corner rounder
layout using stickers or die-cuts related to the workshop theme

This motivated them to try new products.

No "mixing" pages for points. A sticker border using the circle cutter, only counts for one or the other.

They also draw points from a jar. Most of the slips have one's, there are a few two's, fewer three's, two four's and one five.
I am getting more people to pre-pay and be on time, to get extra points.

Workshop Ideas

(Karen Smart)

South of the Border - (border handouts and 'fiesta' sticker) wore sombrero and after everyone arrived put names for door prizes in it. Every time someone finishes a page they wear the sombrero - set alarm and whoever is wearing sombrero when it goes off gets a prize. Served salsa and chips. Shop-talk was sticker borders.

Easter Crop - (Easter/spring handouts and Easter egg stickers) Put slips of paper with door prizes written on them in plastic eggs hidden in the room. I drew a name, they had to find an egg to win a prize! Showed how to do Easter basket page with photos as eggs.

Wedding Crop - (wedding handouts, heart sticker) wore wedding veil, asked people to wear their wedding veil for a prize and bring wedding photo. Served a small white decorated cake w/my wedding topper on it and mock champagne.

Spring into Action - (spring/flower handouts, flower and pot die-cuts) Said I was spring-cleaning my files and let customers go through and take extra copies of handouts.

Winter Blues Crop - (snowflake stickers, blue paper, pack of Winterfresh gum and winter handouts.) Served soup. Played guess how many blue M&M's in bag. Prizes - blue stickers and paper.

Heart to Heart - (heart/valentine handouts, heart stickers) heart-shaped cookies, croptalk on using heart template. Prizes - raspberry heart paper, heart stickers and die-cuts.

Photo Roundup - (western handouts, boots and hat stickers) wore cowboy hat, served chili and Fritos, had bandana napkins.

Friday the 13th Crop - (black cat die-cut) Played games of luck - pick highest card, flip coin, etc. for prizes. Wore black. Had black plates and napkins.

Superbowl Crop - (sports handouts and football stickers or die-cuts) Wore Dallas Cowboy shirt, had "scoreboard" drawn on paper, every time someone finished a page they got a touchdown (and prize), highest score at the end got a trophy die-cut with "Superbowl Crop Champion" on it. Served chips and dip with football plates and napkins.

Pajama Party Crop - (croptalk handout and nighttime sticker) wore pj's and asked others to wear theirs, served pizza, popcorn, cookies. Had a pj contest . . . sexiest, fuzziest, tackiest, etc.

Tool Time Crop - (handouts for "tools" such as circle cutter and templates, tool stickers) showed ways to use cutting tools. Wore plastic hard hat and tool belt.

Red Hot Summer - (summer/swimming handouts and red die-cuts) prizes were red . . . ABC stickers, paper, etc. had special "red hot savings tonight only", served salsa and chips, red hots, Big Red soda, wore red.

Crop Around the Clock - all day crop noon to midnight, served burgers, root beer floats, and scooter bars, played 50's music, wore poodle skirt and ponytail.

Wilderness Crop - (handouts on camping and Wilderness sticker) croptalk - ideas on using Wilderness combo, showed Colorado Vacation album.

It's a Jungle Out There - (handouts on zoo pages, jungle stickers) prize for wearing animal print. Door prizes - zoo stickers, pre-done page for zoo pictures.

Christmas in July - (Christmas handouts and stickers) decorated house, played Christmas music, etc. Prizes - Christmas stickers, paper, served apple cider, dessert, used Christmas plates and napkins.

Harvest Time - (fall/Thanksgiving handouts, leaf stickers and die-cuts) Croptalk on how to do Thanksgiving page with family recipes or traditional family meal. Served Pumpkin bars. Prizes - fall stickers and die-cuts.

Baby on Board - (baby handouts and baby stickers) gave prizes for things like longest labor, most kids, newest mother, etc. Prizes were baby stickers and die-cuts, blue and pink paper, served cake like for baby shower, baby plates and napkins.

4th of July Crop - (patriotic handouts and flag stickers) asked history questions. For prizes . . . 4th of July stickers, deep blue star paper, red and blue gingham paper, served "flag" cake.

Sample Workshop schedule

"Blue" Workshop Ideas

(compiled by Lisa d.)

Blue Food:
Blueberry Muffins
Blue sugar cookies
Blue lemonade (food coloring)
Blue Plate Special (i.e. pizza)
Blue tortilla's with salsa

Blue plates, cups and napkins

idea sheets on blue paper for handouts - blue gingham paper page layouts
goodie bags: (cellophane bags tied with blue raffia)

blue gingham paper, deep blue paper
blue die-cut
blue splash sticker strip
blue pencil (regular #2 pencil in blue)
blue pen (bic)
blue pack lifesavers (peppermint)
blue pencil sharpener
blue ruler
M&M's - small bags - was used for a game too! At my call they had to open their bag and count how many blue M&M's - the one with the most won.

A lot of this I got at back-to-school sales so the cost was minimal!

Denim Blues theme: We used a denim pocket stamp with black ink, enlarged it and printed on blue paper. Then we cut them out and ran the tape runner on three sides and inserted a gold strip on one side that had "CM" on it. We put them on the cover of our folders and instead of a goody bag we stuffed the pocket with a die-cut, sticker strip, gum, pencil and flannel to wipe the blue pencil. With the flannel hanging out of the pocket it is adorable!)

decorated pages - blue layouts!
blue wipe cloths
free workshop certificate
baseball card holders for stickers
blue gingham paper

Count your M&M's
Find a word - CM style

Gave tickets for chance to win a blue sentiments album:
wear denim - three tickets
wear blue - one ticket
bring friend - five tickets
schedule a class today - ten tickets
complete a page - one ticket each
The tickets went in a separate basket for the album drawing only.

For the door prizes you put your name in a basket and we have a drawing each hour.

We have an "in your seat drawing" to encourage being on time - winner's name goes back in for the rest of the drawings (the only time a name gets put back)
10% discount on blue albums that day only.
Those who pre-registered got a blueberry sachet with their goodie bag. I got them at Bath and Body Works on clearance. I'm trying to make pre-registering a habit.
Our product display was mostly "blue" - albums, table cloth, crate, etc. We all wore denim!

Workshop Themes

  • ABC Albums
  • ABC Die-cuts
  • ABC Stickers
  • Album types
  • Baby Books
  • Birthday
  • Border rulers
  • Borders
  • Christmas
  • Circles
  • Corners (templates, borders)
  • Correcting mistakes (removing, covering with stickers, etc.)
  • Country/southwestern
  • Cropping (trimmer, CSS, etc.)
  • Decorative scissors as corner trimmers
  • Die-cuts
  • Fancy paper
  • Flip pages
  • Gingham paper
  • Holidays
  • Journaling
  • Lettering
  • Light boxes
  • Make and Take (various)
  • Matting photos
  • Memorabilia
  • New Years Resolution
  • Organizing your photos
  • Parties/Celebration
  • Photo sleeves
  • Pocket pages
  • School (back to)
  • Snow
  • Square Borders
  • Super Bowl Saturday
  • Templates
  • Vacation
  • Valentines
  • Wedding
  • Wide-tip pens
  • Winter

Camp Crop-a-Lot

All-day crop with the theme of "Camp Crop-a-Lot". This goes great with CM's Wilderness Collection!
~ CMCs dress in white T-shirts and khaki shorts, like "camp counselors".
~ Hang pages from clotheslines along the wall like laundry. (these pre-decorated pages will serve as door prizes.)
~ "Camp food", like s'mores and trail mix. Lemonade in big jugs.
~ Shoptalks featuring the Wilderness Collection.
~ Page idea handouts based on camping themes.

Puzzle Page Ideas

Get a cheap kid's puzzle (or one you have with lost pieces). Write a small prize on each piece (1/2 strip stickers, 1/2 sheet paper). Let people choose one piece for every two pages done or whatever.

I put a paper clip on each puzzle piece and people went "fishing" with a magnet. (Jean Gifford)

Top Ten Reasons to Come to a Workshop!

10.) Lots of uninterrupted time to work on albums and a chance to do something for yourself for a change, and I don't mean grocery shopping or a trip to the dentist!
9.) No little ones! And you don't have to do anything for anybody, like fix snacks or change diapers or find lost shoes! Leave your stuff for a break without fear of injury to your child or a mess when you return to scrapping!
8.) Mess up my house, not yours! I do all the set up and clean up! Pretend you're a kid or a husband and let someone wait on you for a change!
7.) Pay and attend 5 crops and your 6th one is free, my treat!
6.) You can use all my great tools for free. I have scissors, corner rounders, trimmers, circle cutter, templates and idea books on hand and ready for use!
5.) If you run out of something, I have it right here! I have stickers, die-cuts, and sheets of paper for sale individually. Need more photo-splits or refills? Need a ruled page to tell a story on? Need memorabilia sleeves or mounting corners? I've got them!
4.) Learn new techniques like borders, quilt pages, pop-up pages, creative lettering, and many more. I am the unofficial President of the Frugal Scrappers Anonymous Club. I can show you how to stretch your paper, die-cut, and sticker supply in ways you never dreamed of!.
3.) Other croppers will ooh and ahhh over your finished pages. Makes you feel wonderful!
2.) Get motivated. You won't want to stop once you get started. Looking at other people's albums is a tremendous source of inspiration. Stuck on what to do with a set of photos? We can help! Need motivation to finish your album? This is the place to come!

And the number one reason to attend a workshop . . .

1.) When you finish pages at your house, all you get are finished pages. When you finish some at my house, you get a fun afternoon out, great food, good company, full-color CropTalks™, lots of ideas, freebies, and a chance to win a prize!

Top Ten Reasons to Attend a Workshop (short version)

  1. It is uninterrupted time to concentrate on one thing!
  2. There are no "little helpers" to get into my stuff!
  3. I get so many ideas from other people.
  4. It gives me a chance to get out with my friend.
  5. If I need a special sticker or die-cut, it's right there!
  6. It is a peaceful time doing something I enjoy.
  7. It motivates me to work during the week at my own home.
  8. It takes away the guilt - I am scheduling my album into my month!
  9. I meet other people with interests similar to mine!
  10. After I'm done, ______ does the cleaning up!!!

Top Ten reasons NOT to attend a workshop

(by Nancy S. - adapted by Jennia Hart)
10.) I love feeding the children, answering the phone, and working on my albums at the same time.
9.) My New Year's resolution is to stop wasting time on myself.
8.) It will be so much easier to do the kids albums if I just wait until they're grown.
7.) What would I do with all the space I have after I put my photos and Memorabilia into an album?
6.) I don't need tools; I've got my own tools, I'm sure there are safety scissors and a ruler around here somewhere!
5.) I don't need NEW ideas; I haven't used the OLD ones yet!!
4.) I like to put "Work on photo albums" week after week on my To-Do list
3.) I like watching my piles of photos grow, they almost fill every drawer in my dresser now.
2.) I'm too busy to take a few hours to relax, eat a meal I didn't cook and have fun and . . .
NUMBER ONE . . . It is much more convenient to have those photos in boxes and drawers than in albums!

Sample Page Album

(Jean Gifford)
30 pages highlighting past CropTalks, Combo packs and thrifty scrapper hints.

Page 1: Square Corner Border page demonstrating "Round the Corner" crop talk. Matted title box with fancy cut corners demonstrating "journal in a box".

Page 2 and 3: "Money saving scrapping tips". Page 2: Multiple uses for a die-cut, and Page 3: samples of sticker letter substitutions

Page 4: Letter Die-cuts, highlighting ideas from "Creating Character" and Fast Formula

Page 5: Fancy lettering using wide-tip pens

Page 6: Ideas for using templates - including journaling template

Page 7: Display of coordinator gifts

Page 8: Color Wheel

Page 9: Color combinations using paper (triadic, complimentary, etc.)

Page 10 and 11: Journaling, comparison of fancy page, little journaling with plain page, extensive journaling, using the same picture. Examples of space fillers and "journal in a box"

Pages 12 and 13: Border samples using border rulers and ideas from "Bunches of Borders" and design line stickers.

Page 14: Scroll corner page with formal occasion pictures and journaling, tying together with . . . Page 15

Page 15: Black page with photos related to page thirteen (formal occasion)

Page 16: Black page and Page 17, white page. Same photos and layouts on both , using colored photos and bright paper.

Page 18: White page with black and white photos (heritage type), muted colors of paper.

Page 19: Black page with black and white photos (heritage) and same colors as page 18, but not same photos or layout.

Note: next 10 pages are Combo packs. No photos . . . just white space marked "photo" for layout definition.

Page 20: Black page with landscape die-cut from Tropical combo pack.

Page 21: White page with layout using tropical combo pack.

Pages 22 and 23: Layouts using Wilderness Combo Pack.

Pages 24 and 25: Layouts using Soccer Combo Pack (or any sport pack).

Pages 26 and 27: Layouts using the Travel Combo Pack.

Pages 28 and 29: Layouts using the "It's a Boy" combo pack.

Pages 30 and 31: Layouts using the "It's a Girl" combo pack.

Page 32: (last page, and left hand side of album) left blank for now; will keep expanding sample page album.

Other ideas: 2 pages spread using black pages. Other Combo packs. Sample page from each CropTalk. Anything to be covered during NSD workshops, and both gold and silver Precious Elements pens.

Amnesty Crop

Offer amnesty days. Anyone who has made a purchase in the past and not come to a workshop, can attend free of charge! Of course, you will reward loyal customers and offer them a free workshop at some point too.
Or have one free workshop as amnesty or resolution for the ones who haven't started and for experienced croppers to help beginners.

Amnesty - for those who haven't done anything bring unopened album
Resolution - for those who have barely started bring album
Thank you - bring completed album to show others

Send beginners an insert in newsletter explaining what you are going to do to help them get started. Offer a special session on photo organization. Show them simple pages (maybe they are not creative and that is what keeps them from working).

Sample Invitation:
Did you come to an introduction class and get all excited? Did you buy an album and all the stuff to get started on Preserving your Family Memories? Are your albums and supplies still sitting in the bag you took them home in?
Friday, Jan 23 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Amnesty Crop - Anyone who has an empty album can come to a free workshop, get a quick review on how to do easy fast pages and get the New Year started right. I will be taking a photo of the Ceremonial Ripping of the Shrink Wrap. Don't be shy! Don't be embarrassed! BE BRAVE and courageous. Get Started NOW. You will be glad you did! Call to reserve a spot.

Sample First Workshop Handout

I have workshops the first and third Thursday of each month. Morning workshops are 8:30am - 12:30. Evening workshops are 6 - 10pm.


You need to bring photos, album pages, pens, tape runner, etc. or purchase supplies at the workshop. Please label your supplies.

Theme Packs

Create theme packages using a photo sleeve as a holder. Place appropriate paper (red and green for Christmas, pastels for baby, etc.) inside with some stickers and die-cuts. These make nice add-ons for a gift album or open house purchases. I would not offer these at classes, only workshops and special events. They allow people to sample decorating, die-cuts, stickers, colored paper and help you turn over inventory. Tie up with a ribbon to look like a gift.

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

May those that love us, love us.
And those who don't love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn't turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles,
So we'll know them by their limping!

Using green pen, border entire page with Victorian ruler and write the above "blessing" on the border, starting in the upper left. Cut out three green hearts and arrange them like a shamrock (freehanded cut a stem) in the corner, near where the "blessing" began. (Cropgirl)

Limited budget St. Patrick's Day crop . . . gave everyone one each green triangle, evergreen gingham triangle, shamrock die-cut and stickers. I came up with four fast formulas, using JUST those elements (not all on every page). I drew sketches of each idea and copied on green paper.
That promotes die-cuts, stickers, short-cuts and the Fast Formulas book. Point out how you could use the same ideas with birthday cake die-cut and balloon stickers, Christmas Tree die-cut and ornament stickers, school bus die-cut and book stickers. (Jean Gifford)

St. Patrick's Day theme. Cooked Irish casserole with soda bread, and dessert. Put this poem on invites:

For each petal on the shamrock,
This brings a wish your way,
Good health, good luck, good happiness,
For today and everyday.

I am offering a Lucky Leprechaun Challenge to win the Pot of Gold. Will play pass the hat, longest tail on tape runner, etc. (tmg cmc)

Wore a green glitter 4-leaf clover springy bobbing headband. Had St. Patrick's goodie bags, plates and napkins. Taught "A Spillin' of Page Fillin'" CropTalk. Served Leprechaun pie, Pot of Gold coffee, teas, and lucky nuggets (goldfish in bowls). (DaisyJane)

Used clover handkerchiefs on the display table along with clover confetti. Used small black pots (from Halloween) filled with chocolate gold coins. I put coins on the tables too. I gave a chocolate coin for every page they finished. (Liz)

Irish Auction. People got play money for doing things like using circle cutter, using an idea from an idea book, for each item of green clothing they wore. At the end of the night they used their money to bid on items. One of the highest bid items was a bag of stickers created from leftovers. I had many things to bid on - workshop certificate, old coordinator gifts, etc. (CMC Teri)

NSD Idea

Have a poster that says, "I completed _____ pages" and numbers to hold up. Take a picture of everyone by the sign, and a group picture. Hang in workshop to get people interested in big events, and send everyone a copy of their picture!

April Fools Day Crop

Decorations: Wild colors, mismatched things, crazy balloons.
Switch name tags and make everyone find theirs . . . great ice-breaker.
Fun games like "What's in your purse", "Funniest Page/Photo", "Bloopers", "Most embarrassing moment".
Or do everything backwards. Prizes for last to get there, least pages, etc.
Fun gag gifts as prizes.
Food: upside down cake, ding dongs, fiddle-faddle, colored lemonade
Goodie Bags: sticker leftovers, scrap paper, pop rocks, gag gifts.