These ideas need to be updated as CM products change. If you have questions consult your upline. This file includes Make and Takes and ideas for people who have already had a beginning scrapbooking class. Also see Shoptalks, Workshops and the Consultant Section.

Pocket Pages

(Lourdes S)

The purpose of this class is to show different ways of incorporating your memorabilia and your photos in your Creative Memories Album. I'll demonstrate the Creative Memories Pocket Pages, Portrait Sleeves, Mounting Corners and Photo Mounting Sleeves as well as how to make your own pocket page!

I'll give tips on how to store different types of memorabilia in your albums. Samples will be shown.

Fee includes:
2 12x12 Pages
1/2 sheet Printed Paper
1 12x12 Page Protector
1 sheet Solid Paper
Mounting Supplies
Instructional handout
Stickers Ideas Handout

Ideas for Pocket Pages:
birthday, Christmas and other greeting cards
vacation maps and brochures
children's artwork
event programs

Center Stage / Stickermania

(Lourdes S)

The purpose of this class is to show a clever yet simple way to 'title' 2-page spreads. You will also learn how to get more out of stickers by learning sticker combination and sticker scenery.

Fee includes:
2 12x12 Pages
Center Stage Cardboard Templates
2 12x12 Page Protector
4 Paper Triangles
Mounting Supplies
1 die-cut
Stickers Ideas Handouts

Ideas for Center Stage Titles:
Christmas, Vacation, Spring, Graduation, Wedding, Family Reunion, Holidays, School, Thanksgiving, Summer, Friends, Babies, Children, Winter, Siblings, Birthdays, Fall

Note: If you are not familiar with the 'center stage' idea it is used on a double page spread. You make a box for the title, decoration and sometimes journaling. The box is near the center or bottom of the page and spans both pages. You use graduated rectangles as templates to draw lines with the pen or to guide in placement of stickers. Usually you have two or three borders within borders.
Stickermania is either using a lot of stickers or using stickers together (such as the Santa hat sticker on the penguin sticker.
These two ideas go well together because center stage boxes are often surrounded and/or decorated with stickers.

Circle Cutter Creations

(Lourdes S)

You can create more than just circles with your Creative Memories Circle Cutter? You will learn to make all sorts of shapes - flowers, grapes, balloons, animals . . . the possibilities are endless!

Fee includes:
1 12x12 Pages
2 sheets Solid Paper
1- 12x12 Page Protector
1/2 sheet Printed Paper
Mounting Supplies
1 die-cut
Stickers Ideas Handouts

Circle Cutter Creations:
Flowers, Volleyballs, Rings, Ladybug, Soccer Balls, Moon, Balloons, Grapes, Mice, Fancy Fruits, Buttons, Baseballs, Bubbles, Basketballs, Candy Corn

Tuxedo Style

(Lourdes S)

You will learn how to incorporate the black refill pages into your albums. You don't have to have all black pages in one album--mix 'n match works fine!

Fee includes:
1 12x12 Page
1 12x12 Black Page
6 Paper Triangles
1 die-cut
2 12x12 Page Protectors
Instructional Handout
Stickers Ideas Handout
Mounting Supplies

Things that look great on black refill pages:
Birthdays, Holidays, Halloween, Weddings, Pets, Graduations, Vacations, School, Family, Heritage, Thanksgiving, Children, Baby, 4th of July

ABC Album Class Ideas

See the ABC Albums file

Make and Take Ideas

Do a Make and Take Shop Talk with Computer Titles. Use the hand out WHAT DO YOU DO WITH THEM? (left over pictures or pictures that don't fit anywhere.) Pick easy fonts to trace and print them along with the handout. Customers pick one to trace on their own page and you provide the coordinating stickers.


Nothing like seeing pages already made up. I number and price the pages, and bag up the stickers, die cuts, a black and white reduced picture of the layout, and scraps of colored paper needed to complete the layout. I write the colors of pens and any border ruler I used, on the layout picture for reference. I number and price the bags to match the pages. Some of the pages are "twofers" because they are coordinated--like two Christmas pages that utilize the die-cut ornaments on one and the centers left from the ornaments on the other. (Sharon D.)

My upline gave me this idea and it has been very successful. I have a 12 x 12 album with over thirty page ideas. Each page is numbered and has a price on it. I have a file box with a folder for each idea. A customer looks through the Make and Take album, finds the idea she likes and notes the page number. She then goes to the file box, finds the folder with that number and pulls out the Ziploc bag with all the items to make the page, pre-cut for them. I try to keep six of each idea in the folders. Here is an example of how I set the price. (Croppin' Kelly)

Christmas Idea:
(triangles go in opposite corners, rectangles go on top of triangles, trees on top of rectangles and one gold star on tree tops)

2 black and red check paper triangles (4 x 6 rectangle cut on the diagonal)
2 2x3 cement rectangles cut with the deckle trimmer
1 evergreen tree mini die-cut
1 mod of gold stars

2 pieces of paper - 70 cents
1 mini die-cut - 25 cents
1 sticker strip - 60 cents

I rounded up to $1.75 for 'labor'

You make more profit if you do multiples because the entire sheet of paper or whole strip of stickers is not needed. With the one described above, you get four make and takes out of two sheets of paper and one strip of stickers. My make and takes range from $1.00 to $2.75. (pages are not included).