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Never Quite Just Right

They say I'm too young,
to cross the street to play.
That I'm too old to cry,
When I don't get my way.
That I am much to big,
to swing on the garden gate.
But very much too small,
to stay up after eight.

I'm young, I'm old, I'm big, I'm small--
Do you ever think, in age and height,
I will ever grow to be just right?

There is no Rhyme for Silver

(Eve Merriam)

  What in the world
    goes stalking and balking
      running and sunning
        thumping and jumping
          lugging and hugging
            swinging and singing
              wriggling and giggling
                sliding and hiding
                  throwing and knowing
                    growing and growing
                      much too big
                        for last years clothes?
                           Who knows?

Grow With Me

(Alison L., title page poem for child's album)

Once I was a baby boy,
A tiny thing who brought great joy.

Time, it passed as time will do.
The months flew by and now I'm two.
Still, my growing has just begun.
Blink and you could miss loads of fun.
You say you want to watch me grow?
Well turn this page. Come on. Let's go!

(for a girl change the first two lines to:
Once I was a baby girl,
A tiny thing, a precious pearl.)

A Lazy Thought

There go the grown ups
To the office,
To the store.
Subway rush,
Traffic crush;
Hurry, scurry,
Worry, flurry.
No wonder
Don't grow up
Any more.
It takes a lot
Of slow
To grow.

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