Also see Journaling a Child's Album and other files in the Children section.

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Fun and Games

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The Light of My Life

No earthly joy could bring more pleasure than a little child to love and treasure.

Happy/Sad Good/Bad

Children put a twinkle in your eyes and a smile in your heart.

Bed Time

(Also see Sleeping and Waking.)

Busy as a Bee

I'm so busy, my mom's head is spinning.

Cute--and Not So Cute!

Also see Pretty is as Pretty Does.

Page Ideas

Wild Thing

Stacy Kocur did a page using the title "Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing". The letters for Wild Thing were large and cut out of various animal prints. The other letters were animal print sticker letters but could be cut out as well. She had a picture of her son and music notes and wild animal stickers on the page along with a letter telling him how much he meant to her and some of the things she loved about him.

Then and Now Sentiments Album

I made a Then and Now sentiments album showing my children as babies or very young on left side of a two-page spread and then a recent photo on the right. Since my children are fifteen, eighteen, and twenty, there was quite a difference in the pictures. I originally made the album to show potential customers. I liked it so much that I made one for each of the grandparents using pictures of the kids with the grandparents when they were very young and then recently photos. You could put the most recent picture in a photo sleeve and change it at the child gets older. (Bet)

Sentiments Album Idea

My niece, Kristy Helton made this for her son. She based it on, Brown Bear, Brown Bear Who Do You See? (by Bill Martin). She put a photo of her son on the first page and wrote, "Traeton, Traeton, who do you see?" Turn the page . . . "I see Ashlyn (sister) looking at me" with a picture of Ashlyn. Then, "Ashlyn, Ashlyn, who do you see?" Turn the page . . . " I see Trent (brother) looking at me." Each page had a different family member including pets and grandparents. The last page had a picture of the whole family with the words, "I see the Heltons looking at me." (By LisaCMC)

Page Ideas

Bee Sticker Page Ideas

For NSD I put together a kit for each customer with a zigzag ruler; a 12" strip of green paper, with the zig zag cut out on one side; five yellow triangles and four purple polka dot triangles; and bumblebee stickers.
The pages I did for examples were--one on black (looks great with those colors!) with outdoor pics of my daughter in pre-k. I titled it "We were Busy as Bees in Preschool!" The other was a sentiments 2-page spread, with the yellow and purple triangles alternating in the open areas of the green zigzags on the outside edges of the pages. The title is "Meet My Honeys!". (Momof6)

For other page toppers that work with bee stickers see Insects.

Children's ABC's

Accept your children for who they are and who you want them to be.
Believe in your natural instincts and abilities.
Care about everything your children have to say.
Devote quality time to each of your children individually.
Enjoy every moment.
Follow your heart when in doubt.
Give in sometimes.
Hug your kids every day.
Insist on respect.
Jump for joy at your kid's accomplishments.
Kiss your children often.
Love your kids with all your heart.
Manage your time wisely.
Nurture your children in every possible way.
Open your heart and soul to your children.
Practice what you preach.
Quantity of quality time.
Remember that you too were once a child.
Satisfy your own cravings sometimes.
Teach your children what you have learned from experience.
Understand that no two kids are the same and they all have different needs.
Verify the facts before making accusations.
Welcome suggestions and ideas.
X-pect that there will be some bad days.
You are the one in charge, not your kids.
Zoom in on your hopes and dreams for your children, they are our future.

For more ABC ideas see Children ABC Lists.

Children are:

Amazing . . . . . acknowledge them
Believable . . . . . trust them
Childlike . . . . . allow them
Divine . . . . . honor them
Energetic . . . . . nourish them
Fallible . . . . . embrace them
Gifts . . . . . treasure them
Here now . . . . . be with them
Innocent . . . . . delight with them
Joyful . . . . . appreciate them
Kindhearted . . . . . learn from them
Lovable . . . . . cherish them
Magical . . . . . fly with them
Noble . . . . . esteem them
Open minded . . . . . respect them
Precious . . . . . value them
Questioners . . . . . encourage them
Resourceful . . . . . support them
Spontaneous . . . . . enjoy them
Talented . . . . . believe in them
Unique . . . . . affirm them
Vulnerable . . . . . protect them
Whole . . . . . recognize them
Xtra special . . . . . celebrate them
Yearning . . . . . notice them
Zany . . . . . laugh with them

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