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If I can hold a flower
and watch its petals fade,
If I can touch the well worn earth
on which my children played,
If I can hold one moment
of the times you've made me smile,
Then I can take the bad times,
for you've made them all worthwhile.


(Robert Sexton)

If the deepest part
of my life could speak,
then your heart would know
how I've been blessed
with grace and honor,
beyond all measure,
through these years
of loving you.

On Our Special Day

I love looking back
to where we began,
seeing us as we were
at the beginning,
then slowly leafing through
the memories
we've made together
to bring us
to where we are today . . .
I love anticipating
the days ahead of us,
wondering what we'll find
in each other,
in ourselves,
before another year
has slipped away . . .
But, best of all,
I love being with you
where we are today,
together writing the pages
we'll remember tomorrow.

Album Title Page

Until we're grown,
we never know
Or fully realize
How sweet and kind
our parents are,
How gentle and how wise--
We simply take for granted,
From day to passing day,
Each sacrifice they make for us
In their own loving way.
But then we grow and finally learn,
The way that children do,
How much their love has really meant,
How thoughtful they've been, too--
And so this comes with all the thanks
You both deserve and more.
For there aren't two dearer parents
Than the one this album's for!

Our Love Grows

Our love is like a tree that grows
Still stronger through the years
Nourished by our laughter
And sometimes by our tears.
It shelters and protects us
From a dark or sunny sky
And like a tree--its beauty grows
As each day passes by.

(alternate version by amyt)

May your love be like
A tree that grows
Still stronger through the years
Nourished by your laughter
And sometimes by your tears.
May it shelter and protect you
From a dark or sunny sky
And like the tree
May its beauty grow
As each day passes by.

I'd Marry You Again

(Anne Peterson)

With tiny tears that glistened, my eyes were fixed on you.
And thinking of the life we'd share, we softly said "I do."

Our hearts were knit together from the time that we first met,
And memories were gathered, that we never will forget.

While daily living life with you, you saw the real me,
And still you chose acceptance, a lifelong mystery.

With many happy days gone by, and others when we cried,
Some days we'd share so endlessly, while other days we'd hide.

With all the ups and downs we've had, in learning to be friends,
I know that in this heart of mine, I'd marry you again.

I'd Marry You Again

(Carla Flamm)

Do you know how much I love you
How much you mean to me
I can't imagine my life without you
My world would be empty.

It seems like only yesterday
I first looked in your eyes
But the years have passed so quickly
Much to my surprise.

The life we've made together
Our children and our home
The memories we have to cherish
How much our love has grown.

Through the good times and the bad
You've been right by my side
You've made me smile, made me laugh
And wiped my tears when I have cried.

You are my husband, my companion
My lover, and my best friend
If I had the chance to do it over
I'd marry you again.

Fiftieth Anniversary

(Nancy Smith)

Fifty years ago we started our life.
It was the day we became husband and wife.
The years passed by and our children are all gone.
Now our little ones have babes of their own.
And sometimes it seems like the time went too fast.
When we reminisce of our life in the past.
But there is still one thing that I know I would do . . .
I would still spend another five decades with you.

Fifty Years Is Really Not Enough

(Nicholas Gordon)

Fifty years is really not enough
In which to plumb the depths of someone's soul.
Fifty more years, then, should be the goal:
To know the beauty of another's love,
Yearnings shape, and life-long shadows buff.

Yet life was never easy in those years.
Everest is sometimes hard to climb.
A will to love has brought you to this time,
Rich in joys that time cannot remove.
So may this day be filled with happy tears!

Anniversary ABC List

(Jennia Hart)

A - Anniversary, Always Yours
B - Birthdays, Belong Together
C - Caring, Close to My Heart
D - Devotion, Dating
E - Engagement (how it happened)
F - Friends, Family, Fun
G - Golden Years, Gifts
H - Holidays (traditions), Hobbies
I - Interests, I Love You
J - Joy, Just the Two of Us
K - Keepsakes, Kisses, Kids
L - LOVE, Letters
M - Many years together, Memorable Occasions, Moving
N - Nicknames, Notable Achievements
O - Our life together, Occasions
P - Pets, Parents,
Q - Quotes, Quality Time
R - Relatives, Relaxing
S - Special Times
T - Trips, Together
U - Unforgettable, Unique
V - Vacations
W - Wedding
X - eXtra Special, eXcitement
Y - You're the light of my life, Years, Youth
Z - Zoom (close up photo)

Anniversary Gift List

(first item is traditional ~~ second is modern)

1st       Paper ~~ Clock
2nd      Cotton ~~ China
3rd      Leather ~~ Crystal
4th      Fruit/Flowers ~~ Appliance
5th      Woodenware ~~ Silverware
6th      Candy/Iron ~~ Woodenware
7th      Wool/Copper ~~ Desk Set
8th      Bronze/Pottery ~~ Linen/Lace
9th      Pottery/Willow ~~ Leather Item
10th    Tin/Aluminum ~~ Diamond Jewelry
11th     Steel ~~ Fashion Jewelry
12th     Silk/Linens ~~ Pearls
13th     Lace ~~ Textiles/Furs
14th     Ivory ~~ Gold Jewelry
15th     Crystal ~~ Watch
20th     China ~~ Platinum
25th     Silver
30th     Pearls ~~ Diamond Jewelry
35th     Coral ~~ Jade
40th     Ruby
50th     Gold
55th     Emeralds
60th     Diamonds

Anniversary Album Ideas

Find You a Partner

Find you a partner
Someone who's shy
Chase that partner
Kiss him on the sly.

Love that partner
Make yourself his wife
Then count your blessings
The rest of your life.

(This is from an embroidery pattern meant to go across the top of a sheet. The pictures were 'hillbilly' style and the one for the last two lines was a couple with small children. It would make a cute anniversary page with photos of dating, wedding, family, etc.)

from You're Still the One

(Shania Twain)

When I first saw you, I saw love.
And the first time you touched me, I felt love.
And after all this time, you're still the one I love.

Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come my baby.
We mighta took the long way
We knew we'd get there someday.

They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong.

You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life.
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night.

Ain't nothin' better
We beat the odds together.
I'm glad we didn't listen
Look at what we would be missin'.

Songs about Anniversaries

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