The links take you to files with relevant poems, quotes and page ideas.

ABC Album - See the ABC Ideas section.

Achievement Album - Achievements from job, hobbies, volunteer work, education, or anything important to you.

Anniversary Album - See Anniversaries.

Art Album - See Hobbies.

Autograph Album - Take this to school at the end of the year to get autographs. You can put photos in first if you want. This can also be done for a sports team or other groups.

Baby Book/Brag Book - This needs no explanation!

Baby Pictures Album - Use photos of your family members as babies. You might include date of birth, weight, length, etc. and memorabilia like footprints. You could make a page with kindergarten and/or graduation photos.

Baby's Firsts - First step, tooth, words, etc. See Baby Page Ideas.

Birthday Album (Child) - Double-page spreads for each birthday from the 1st through the 10th or so. See Children's Birthdays.

Birthday Album (Adult) - A great gift for a milestone birthday. Have the album at the party so guests can write down memories and best wishes. See Adult Birthdays.

Blessings Book - See Celebration Album.

Book of Me - So often our albums focus on family and friends. Why not make a special album all about you. Include childhood years and your hopes for the future. Add photos of loved ones and journal about your relationship with them and how they affect your life.

Bridesmaid Gift - Include photos of the friendship over the years as well as things from the wedding.

Bucket List Book - . This can be for yourself or a gift. See examples from some Bucket List Books.

Business Portfolio - The size of album depends on the type of business.

Career Album - This can be about a current career or all jobs during a lifetime. This is often done for retirees but can be started any time. I helped my daughter start an album about her husband's career in law enforcement that is an ongoing project. If this is a gift, leave space for them to add journaling. They can write about what they wanted to be when they grew up, how they decided on their current career, the rewards and difficulties of work life, etc.

Celebration Album - Put in things you want to celebrate--pictures with friends, thank you notes, hobbies. Whatever makes your life special. Some call this a 'Blessings Book' and keep it on their bedside table to remind them of the wonderful things in their life. See One-Day Albums and Gratitude.

Christmas Album - See Holiday Album.

Collector's Album - See Hobbies.

College Album - Include photos of family, friends, pets, favorite hometown places, etc. (a good use for duplicate photos). This is something for the student to look at when they get homesick. It also keeps their other albums safe at home until they establish a permanent residence.

Commemorative Album - See Special Event Album

Cook Book - This can be a collection of heirloom recipes with photos of the dishes or the originators. It could also be a gift for a new bride or graduate with practical and easy recipes and cooking tips. See Cooking.

Counting Album - See ABC and 123 Stickers.

Cruise Album - This can be for one cruise, a series of cruises or contrasting cruises (i.e. tropical versus Alaskan). See Cruises.

Dance Album - See Performing Arts.

Dating Album - This could be about that one special person with photos and memorabilia of your dating days. Or it could be an album about your dating years and include anyone you went out with. See Dating.

Dream Album - An album for your hopes, dreams and wishes. Include goals and ways you might achieve them. Some people title it "Fifty Things to Do Before I Die". Leave space for photos and journaling after you do things. Include both practical and frivolous things as well as long-term goals. Include things you want to do but don't think you ever will. If you do all the things in the album, you didn't dream big enough! See Hopes and Dreams.

Faith Album - This album is about your beliefs and how you carry them out in the way your live. It could include bible verses, prayers, hymns, photos of your place of worship, religions ceremonies, etc. See Philosophy and Religion and Religious ABC Lists.

Family Reunion Album - See Family Reunions.

Family Ties Album - An album of you and your siblings. Include childhood photos, graduation photos, and wedding portraits. Add photos of their children as babies and as they grow. This is a great way for your children to 'know' their aunts, uncles and cousins who live far away. (Pam in TX)

Family Tree Album - See Genealogy and Heritage Albums.

Father's Brag Book - A book for the office or for a man who travels a lot. Have some pages where the photos can be updated.

Father's Day Album - Put in the special things you feel about your father and memories from childhood. Include journaling along with quotes and poems. Or illustrate a poem with photos. See Father Poems and Fathers.

Father's Day Tribute Album - See Fathers.

Favorite Book Album - One idea is When I Was Little by Jamie Lee Curtis. Find photos that fit or alter the words to fit the photos. Print in a childish font (use a light box to trace). Other ideas are I Promise I'll Find You by Heather Patricia Ward and Just In Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado.

Favorite Pictures Album - Include quotes about photos and smiles--or frowns if that fits the photos better. See Photography and Smiles.

Favorites Album - Use the title "Favorites Through the Years" or "These are a few of my Favorite Things". Do it by subject (a child's favorite color, food, etc. at different ages on one page) - or by age (a page each year with the child's favorite color, sport, hobby, etc.).

Fifty States Album - Many 5th graders learn the states, capitols, etc. Use a red or blue album and put a state on each page. Use postage stamps that honor the states, postcards, photos from states you have visited, state quarters, etc. This could be a fun family project.
Because of weight and bulk you could photo copy the quarters (except the one from your state). Or mount them with large photo corners - adhere one corner to the page, put the quarter in and slide the other corner in place. (a photo split behind the quarter keeps it upright). Don't put coins all in the same corner or opposite a photo. You could put the quarters all on one page. Take a ruined page, cut off the staple side jeeping and adhere to the jeeping of the page with the quarters to distribute the weight among more staples. (Diane) See States.

4-H Album - Record projects, awards, etc. Color copy ribbons to reduce bulk. I don't have anything specific to 4-H but there might be something in the Farm Animal file you can use. Check the Index for project subjects.

Friends Album - Include both childhood and current friends--and count yourself lucky if some are one and the same! Do pages for individual friends or categories of friends. Include poems and quotes. See Friendship Poems and Friendship Page Ideas.

Gardening Album - Either an album showing your garden over one year or an album of flowers, trees, etc. over a number of years. See Gardening.

Genealogy Album - See Genealogy.

Girl Scout Album - See Scouts and Camping.

Goodbye Album - See Retirement Album and Moving Album.

Graduation Album - This is a great gift. Include photos from all the years in school and several from high school. See Graduation.

Graduation Cookbook - Ask family and friends for photos of themselves--with the graduate if possible. Also ask for a favorite family recipe--possibly one that the graduate has enjoyed. Put the photo on one page of a two-page spread and the recipe on the other. Then decorate. Also include funny stories--especially ones pertaining to food.

Grandparents Album - Give the album, with a few pages done, to grandparents who live far away. Every so often, send completed pages to add to the album. See Grandparents.

Guest Book - A great gift for a wedding, graduation or anniversary. A photo sleeve with decorated area on the right, lines on the left for guests to sign. Gather photos of the graduate, couple, etc. and include page protectors and a pen.

Gymnastics Album - See Gymnastics.

Heritage Album - See Heritage Albums.

Hobby Album - Car racing, bicycling, rodeo, fishing, hunting, etc. This is a good place for photos you don't want in your family album. My daughter is making a hunting album for her husband. She is not opposed to hunting but didn't want photos of dead animals and unshaven men in grimy clothes mixed in with photos of family birthdays, Christmas, etc.

Holiday Album - For all your holiday photos or just a few from each year. Include special cards, photos from distant relatives and friends and a copy of the card or letter you send out. This album can focus on one thing like ornaments or family traditions. See Christmas Album Ideas.

Home Album - Include poems and quotes on home and family as well as photos or sketches of all the places you have lived. See Home Sweet Home.

Hometown Album - An album of what your town is like right now. Include photos of homes, stores, people, activities, street signs, etc. Also include maps, newspaper articles and journaling. If you have lived there a long time include information about how things have changed--or not--over the years. (Donna in MB)

House Building Album - Document everything from selecting the site to moving in. See Home Sweet Home.

Honeymoon Album - Include a page for each to write about why they wanted to marry the other, hopes for the future, etc. Leave pages at the end for photos of the 25th anniversary.

Journal - A journal or diary during a significant time in your life - such as approaching a milestone birthday or on a special trip.

Little League Album - See Team Sports.

Man's Album - A place for the man in your life to put all those fish, golf, hunting, sports or collection photos. Or make a brag book for the office or to take on business trips.

Memorial/Grief Album - A tribute to a loved one who has passed on. Creating a memorial album can facilitate the grieving process. See Memorial Albums.

Military Career Album - For yourself or a friend or relative who is retiring. See Military.

Mother's Day Album - Put in the special things you feel about your mother and memories from childhood. Include journaling, quotes and poems. Or illustrate a poem with photos. See For Your Mother.

Moving Album - A great gift for a friend who is moving away. It can be an individual project or friends and neighbors can help. Leave a few pages so the recipient can add photos sent to them later. See Home Sweet Home.

OPK Album - (aka Other People's Kids Album). For those photos you receive in Christmas cards. Use a Christmas album or theme. (buysalot)

Personal Achievement Album - Document a personal achievement such as weight loss, continuing education in later years, etc. Include why you wanted to do it, challenges, how it felt to achieve your goal, etc.

Pet Album - An album for a special puppy or kitten or all the pets you have had. Or use pet photos to illustrate a favorite pet poem. See Pets.

Portfolio - An impressive way for artists, cake decorators, etc. to display their talent.

Portrait Album - Keep the most current photo in a frame and put the others in a coffee table album. You can use a 12x15 album but many large portraits have distracting backgrounds and look better cropped to fit a 12x12 album. For smaller portraits you can make borders or use wallet size photos around a 5 x 7. See Title Pages.

Recipe Book - See Cook Book.

Reminder Album - This will help people with memory problems 'know' family members who visit. Use close-up photos labeled in large print.

Retirement Album - A great gift for a friend or co-worker. See Retirement.

School Album - See School Days.

School/Family Album - Make double-page spreads for family members (parents, children, grandchildren). Put a kindergarten or first grade photo on the left and a graduation photo on the right. Add names, dates, schools, etc.

Sentiments Album - 'Sentiments' was Creative Memories first small album. Small albums make great gifts for anyone--even yourself! You can make a scaled-down version of any album type. Or put a line of an appropriate poem on each page. Add simple borders and photos and you're done! If you don't have a photo to match each line of the poem, just use a favorite photo.

Special Event Album - For any significant event not mentioned elsewhere in this list. Some ideas are prom, first communion, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah and christening. Check the index for ideas.

Sports Album - For your child or a gift for the coach. Pass around a paper at a team party and have everyone sign. See Sports and Team Sports .

Teacher's Album - A great gift for a special teacher. Take photos throughout the year. Ask other parents to help with the expense. See Teachers.

Theme Album - If you take a lot of photos of a specific thing--mailboxes, state line signs, barb wire fences, etc.--put them in an album of their own. That will be more interesting than being mixed in with family photos.

Then and Now Album - Each child and grandchild gets a 2-page spread. On the left put a baby picture and birth statistics. On the right you have three options. Put a current photo of the person with relevant statistics (age, interests, etc.). Put a photo of graduation, wedding or other event that pertains to everyone in the book. Or, if you want to be able to update the album, put photo mounting sleeves on the page and mat a recent photo on paper with current statistics written around the photo.

Traditions Album - Family traditions and how they got started. This could be combined with a treasures album if many of your traditions center around objects.

Treasures Album - For the special mementos in your home - whether they are valuable antiques or things with only sentimental value. Include photos, how the item came into the family, who made it, who has owned it, etc. See Treasures Album.

Tribute Album - To pay tribute to a special person in your life. This can be for a milestone birthday, retirement, etc. See Tribute Albums.

Vacation Album - This can be a special vacation or a collection of all your vacations. You may want to put a few vacation photos in your family album but the majority of photos and memorabilia - like plane tickets, maps, brochures, etc. - in your Vacation Album. See Travel.

Wedding Album - Your own wedding or as a gift to a friend. You can do the complete album or just do part and let them finish it. See Weddings.

Weight Loss Album - See Personal Achievement Album.

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