This file includes ideas on letter sticker substitutions and ways to use ABC stickers after the commonly used letters are gone.

ABC Letter Substitutions

(Use small stickers like hearts, flowers and stars to cover splices. Use the same stickers elsewhere on the page so it will be less obvious. Punctuation mark stickers also can be used to alter a letter.)

A - use an upside down V and a straight piece from another letter

B - trim an R and put a sticker to cover the missing part
B - use a D and add a sticker where needed

C - cut it from an O, G, Q, a zero, a six or an upside down D

D - use a C, O, G or Q and add a straight piece from another letter
D - trim the B and use a sticker to cover where needed

E - use an F and the bottom of an L - or put an L on top of an F
E - trim off part of the B

F - trim off some of the E, B, P or R

G - add a straight piece to the C

H - use two I's and a small straight piece

I - trim the bottom of the J and add a sticker
I - use an upside down number one and add a sticker where needed

J - trim the I and add stickers as needed

K - trim off part of the R and add stickers as needed

L - trim off part of an E

M - use an upside down W or two upside down V's

N - use a Z on its side

O - trim the Q
O - use the zero

P - trim off the R or B

Q - add a piece to the O or zero

R - trim the B and add a piece from another letter
R - use a P and add a piece from another letter

S - trim the 5, 8 or 'and' symbol

T - add a piece as need to the I, L or number one

U - trim the O, Q or zero

V - use part of the W, A or X

W - use two V's or an upside down M

X - use two lower case v's - one right side up, the other upside down

Y - put the top half of an X to the lower half of an I or a T - trim or add stickers as needed
Y - put a sticker or piece from another letter below the top half of an X

Z - use the N on its side

Lower Case ABC Letter Substitutions

a - trim the q or d

c - cut out middle of the e

d - flip a lower case p

e - fit a piece into the c

i - use upside down exclamation mark

i - use the stem of lower case u with a period for the dot

j - flip and trim the f - add a period for the dot

l - trim the h, b, d or k

m - add an n or part of an h or upside u to another n

n - trim the m or use an upside down u

p - flip a lower case d

q - flip a lower case b

r - trim the n, m, or u

s - fit two quote marks together to form an s

v - trim the w

w - use a v and add a trimmed v to it

Using Leftover ABC Stickers

Never Enough Y's

With 'happy' and 'merry' and names ending in 'Y' there are never enough of them.

I made a page with 'Thank God I'm a Country Boy' in black letters across the top and down the right side. The letters were tilted informally. I used cowboy boots, hat, and small brown horse stickers to decorate around the letters. I put one horse between the 'Y' on 'country' and the 'b' on 'boy'. I let the horse's feet overlap the 'B' slightly and the horses back completely cover the lower part of the 'Y'-- which was not really a 'Y' - it was the top of an 'X'. By also having some other stickers overlap parts of other letters it isn't obvious that I didn't really use a 'Y'. (I used a piece from the lower part of the 'X' for the apostrophe in 'I'm').

Other Missing Letters

Another way to overcome a missing letter is to fake it with coordinating stickers. For instance, if you don't have enough E's to spell Easter, use an F and use a line of flowers where the bottom of the E should be. Also do it for a few other letters so it looks intentional. Use P for R or B and the top of the X for Y, etc. Another ides is to put two I's with a hot dog in between to make an N, a salad bowl for an O, and a Y out of hot dog links. This works with all kinds of stickers--toys, picnic, camping, Christmas. Use a watermelon half for the 'U' in 'summer' and an apple for the 'O' in 'New York'.

Using 123 Stickers

(Compiled by Audra in MS)

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