Recreation and Hobbies

Only a person who can live with himself can enjoy the gift of leisure. (H. Greber)


proms, parties, couples dancing, dancing as a metaphor, etc.

Performing Arts

performance dance, plays, drama, programs, etc.


music, choirs, country music, disc jockeys, jukeboxes, music boxes, oldies, records, yodeling, etc.

Band and Musical Instruments

bands and musical instruments, banjos, bassoons, beat, clarinets, drums, flutes, guitars, mandolins, oboes, pianos and organs, playing, rhythm, saxophones, tambourines, trombones, trumpets, violin and fiddle, etc.

Music Song Titles

song titles with the words honky-tonk, hum, lullaby, melody, music, rock and roll, rockabilly, serenade, sing, song, swing, symphony, tune, whistle

Using Lyrics in Scrapbooks

Musician Birthdays

mostly country and 50s and 60s musicians


arts, crafts, crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, puzzle page layouts, etc.


poems, song titles, etc. about various colors

Needlework and Quilting

needlework, quilting, sewing, etc.


poems, quotes, photo tips, portrait albums, miscellaneous photos, using left over photos, etc.

Fishing; Scouts and Camping


guns, shooting, page toppers, page ideas, poems (both pro and con)

Scrapbooking Poems and Quotes; Scrapbooking Humor

Vehicles and Driving; Driving Humor; Car Racing; Racer Birthdays

Vehicle Song Lists; Road and Highway Song Lists