Scrapbooking Links

Links are not the main focus of my website but here are a few. If I linked to your site and you want me to change the title or description (or unlink you), let me know. If you have suggestions for other links, please email me.

Page and Layout Ideas

I am especially looking for sites that have simple or classic pages ideas or those easy to duplicate without spending a lot of time or money.

The Classic Scrapbook
This site has great page ideas using only Cm and Mrs. G products. It also has examples of page you could put in a demo album.

Memories by Brooks
A beautifully done tribute album using mostly CM supplies.

The Ultimate Guide to Scrapbooking
This has links to many nice scrapbooking sites.

Other Scrapbook Related Sites

Art Directory: Scrapbooking
Includes scrapbooking history, techniques, layouts, etc.

Gentle Creations
Ideas for using Mrs. Grossman's Stickers
All kinds of scrapbook stuff - page layouts, poems, quotes, time capsule

Inspiration Point
This site has lots of sport related clip art.

Free Graphics
Free cute clipart and graphics, no pop ups, trick links or registration required. I used some of their clipart on this site.

Free Graphics
Free clipart for both websites and scrapbooking. I used some of their clipart on this site.

Poems and Quotes

These sites that are not specifically for scrapbooking but they will be helpful if you are looking for something on a particular subject.

Black Cat Poems (poems on many subjects)
Finest Quotes
Brainy Quotes
The Quotations Home Page
Quotes, Aphorism, Laws & Thoughts
On Matters of Most Grave Concern
The Quote Garden