The way we were ...

This section of the website is for photos and memories from high school. If you have anything you want to add send me a scan, photo or story. I am especially looking for photos taken at school or at events where more than one class member was present but anything you have is fine.
There are links to the bottom of the page for school related memories, sports, extracurricular activities (like music, plays and clubs), parties and dances (school or non-school), yearbook stuff, graduation, faculty and 60's links (which includes links to Garnett).

Those were the days my friend
We thought they'd never end
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we choose
We'd fight and never lose
For we were young and sure to have our way.
Those were the days, oh yes those were the days

(from Those Were The Days recorded in the early 70's by Mary Hopkin)

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