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This section is for photos and stories of our grade school days. I am especially looking for photos taken at school or at events where more than one class member was present. There are pages for Irving Elementary School and Irving Junior High. I have very little for Longfellow and Holy Angels Schools.

In the 1930s there were eighty rural schools in Anderson County. Many had closed by the 1950s but I know some of you went to rural schools. The only one I have photos of is Earnest, because I went there. I don't have group photos for the 1954-55 school year or the 1958-59 school year. I would like to have more photos of other schools to put on the site.

I started at the back left for names. Unfortunately we didn't always stand in neat rows so hope everyone can figure out who is who.

Earnest School - 1953-54 school year

back row: Vernon Hastert (7th grade), Gladys Van Wie/later Rhodes (teacher), Glenn Martin (7th grade), Joan Bloom (8th grade), Rex Hiner (7th grade);
third row: JoAnne Katzer (5th grade), Gloria Jean Branton (6th grade), Bonnie Francis (5th grade);
second row: Charles Baum (5th grade), Bob Hiner (4th grade), Bill Katzer (3rd grade), Sharon Gray (2nd grade), Carol Gadelman (2nd grade), Leslie Boyles (5th grade), Glenn Hastert (3rd grade), Shirley Branton (2nd grade) Jim Katzer (2nd grade), Jack Hiner (3rd grade);
front row: Denise/Denny Davis (1st grade), Sharon Hill (1st grade), Jerry Katzer (1st grade)

Earnest School - 1955-56 school year

back row: Glenn Hastert (5th grade), Bob Hiner (6th grade), Max Worthington, Gloria Jean Branton (8th grade), JoAnne Katzer (7th grade), Roger Hastert (8th grade), Bonnie Francis (7th grade), Charles Baum (7th grade), Leslie Boyles (7th grade), Candie McCarroll (5th grade?);
middle row: Shirley Branton (4th grade), Sharon Hill (3rd grade), Robert Hastert, Jack Hiner (5th grade), Sharon Gray (4th grade), Bill Katzer (5th grade), Donna Worthington, Bonnie McCarroll, Jim Katzer (4th grade), Gladys Rhodes (teacher), Johnnie Francis, (in front of teacher);
front row: Mary Adele Stewart, Linda Adams (1st grade), Denise Davis (3rd grade), Jana Rae Davis (2nd grade), Janice Worthington, Linda Holt, Jerry Katzer(3rd grade), Doug Davis (2nd grade)

Earnest School - 1956-57 school year

back row: Jack Hiner (6th grade), Bill Katzer (6th grade), Glenn Hastert (6th grade), Charles Baum (8th grade), JoAnne Katzer (8th grade), Bob Hiner (7th grade), Sharon Gray (5th grade), Thelma McClurg(teacher);
third row: Shirley Branton (5th grade), Jim Katzer (5th grade), Robert Hastert (3rd grade?), Linda Holt (4th grade), Jana Rae Davis (3rd grade), Leslie Boyles (8th grade);
second row: Mary Adele Stewart (2nd grade?), LaNell Katzer (1st grade), Denise/Denny Davis (4th grade), Linda Adams (2nd grade), Vickie Baum (1st grade);
front row: Doug Davis (3rd grade), Jerry Katzer (4th grade), Billy Martin (2nd grade?)

Earnest School - 1957-58 school year

back row: Jack Hiner (7th grade), Robert Hastert (4th grade?), Glenn Hastert (7th grade), Bob Hiner (8th grade), Sharon Gray (6th grade), Thelma McClurg (teacher);
middle row: Doug Davis (4th grade), Linda Adams (3rd grade), Denise/Denny Davis (5th grade), Mary Adele Stewart (3rd grade?), Shirley Branton (6th grade);
front row: Clair Ann Stewart (1st grade), Vickie Baum (2nd grade), Sam Hiner (1st grade).

Earnest School - 1959-60 school year

Doug and I changed to Irving School for the second semester, leaving only seven students when Earnest closed at the end of the school year.
? Catt, Shriley Branton (8th grade), Denny Davis (7th grade), Robert Hastert (5th grade?), Walter Catt (7th grade);
? Catt, Doug Davis (6th grade), ? Catt, Sam Hiner (3rd grade), Mary ? (teacher).

I do not have photos of Earnest school when I went there but took these in 2010. It looks much smaller than it did when I was a student there.
We didn't have running water so pumped water for drinking, etc. In the early years we drank from a pail of water with a dipper.
After our teacher found out about germs we used those cone-shape paper cups - the ones that start to leak after about five seconds.

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