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The photos on this page link to info, photos, etc. about individual class members.
If there is very little on your page, please send photos and stories about things in your life since high school - college, career, military, hobbies, achievements, marriage, children, grandchildren, etc.

Anyone who was ever in the class of '65 is part of "us" and welcome at reunions. The people on this page are class members who are in our senior yearbook and those who were with us much of the way but not our senior year. See the Extras file for people who were in our class in junior high or for a short time in high school.
There is general information at the bottom of the page - including info about the frequently asked question "How many were in our class".

See the Most Wanted List for class members that we don't have contact info for.
~ indicates a class member who is deceased (they are also on the Gone - But Not Forgotten page.)

Roger Adams    Don Anderson    Linda Askins    Ed Barnaby    Philip Bayless    Fred Beckwith    Genell Benjamin    Ron Benus    Gene Benjamin    Skip Boyd    JanB    Mary Jane Brooks    Karen Brown    Billy Burns    Connie Burns    Terry Cain    Glenn Caldwell    Larry Caldwell    Walter Catt    Mike Champe    Frona Cline    Beverly Copple    Corrine Cornwell    Fran Craig    Denny Davis    Leonard Davison    Harold Denchfield    Barbara Dreyer    Denny Farrar    MaxF    Larry Feuerborn    Dan Fraker    Linnie Gilpin    JohnG    HazelH    Roberta Hill    Sharon Hill    Jerry Hoke    Linda Holmes    Martha Hughes    Mary Hulett    Jerry Katzer    Patsy Kilet    Linda Lewis    Linda Lickteig    Mary Loughridge    JoeL    Monte Mace    Janis Main    Raymond Marmon    Bobbi Mattix    Ron McCain    Connie McClure    David McDonald    Kenny McKnight    Oliver Meliza    Sharyl Meyers    Linda Miller   Ronnie Miller    Tarry Miller    Marilyn Nilges    Judy Osborne    Marjorie Peine    Betty Pickert    Denny Farrar    David Rogers    Ron Romig    Rick Sass    Pete Schuster    John Schuster    Ann Sheern    Sue Singer    Keeta Skillman    Gary Sobba    SteveS    Rick Struttman    Dorman Teter    Jenelle Thomas    Shirley Valentine    Charles Vosseller    Martha Waite    John Walter    Herb Waring    Gary Wittman    Merle Wittman    Ron Wolken    Mark Womelduff    Herb Young    Jeannie Zastrow    Larry Zwiener

Statistics and Miscellaneous Information

One question that comes up often at reunions is "how many people were in our class?". That sounds like a simple question but isn't really.
According to our freshman yearbook our class had 89 members.
According to our sophomore yearbook we had 86 members. Billy Burns, Connie Burns, Lloyd Hill, E.L. Kneller, Shirley McCleary, Ruth Randall, Reilly Reed had left; and Mike Champe, Beverly Copple, Ron Romig, Rick Sass were new.
According to our junior yearbook we had 86 members. Kenny McKnight, Billy Miller, Sherry Stephenson, Jack Webb had left; and Larry Caldwell, Connie McClure, Deborah Wells, Janie Wood were new.
According to our senior yearbook we had 86 members: Denny Farrar, Judy Osborne, Deborah Wells, Janie Wood, Dave Worthington had left; Karen Brown, Barbara Dreyer, Janelle Thomas were new and Billy and Connie Burns were back.

Adding the nineteen people who were in our class at one time during Jr. High and High School but not our senior year to the 86 that are in the senior yearbook, and subtracting the twenty-one members known to be deceased, there are 84 people we would like to account for. If anyone has clues that would help find someone on the Most Wanted List or in the Extra file please let me know.
Note: The yearbooks only reflect who was a class member when the yearbook was put together so some were there for a longer or shorter time than it appears.

The seventy-five class members who were together all four years are: Roger Adams, Don Anderson, Linda Askins, Ed Barnaby, Philip Bayless, Fred Beckwith, Genell Benjamin, Ronnie Benus, Gene Bowen, Skip Boyd, Jan Brecheisen, Mary Jane Brooks, Terry Cain, Glenn Caldwell, Walter Catt, Frona Cline, Corrine Cornwell, Fran Craig, Denny Davis, Leonard Davidson, Charles (Harold) Denchfield, Max Farren, Larry Feuerborn, Dan Fraker, Linnie Gilpin, John Gull, Hazel Henderson, Roberta Hill, SharonHill, Jerry Hoke, Linda Holmes, Martha Hughes, Mary Hulett, Jerry Katzer, Patsy Kilet, Linda Lewis, Linda Lickteig, Mary Lou Loughridge, Joe Lytle, Monte Mace, Janis Main, Ray Marmon, Bobbie Mattix, Ron McCain, David McDonald, Oliver Meliza, Sharyl Meyers, Linda Miller, Ronnie Miller, Tarry Miller, Marilyn Nilges, Marjorie Peine, Betty Pickert, David Rogers, John Schuster, Pete Schuster, Ann Sheern, Sue Singer, Keeta Skillman, Gary Sobba, Steve Stevens, Rick Struttman, Dorman Teter, Shirley Valentine, Charles Vosseller, Martha Waite, John Walter, Herb Waring, Gary Wittman, Merle Wittman, Ron Wolken, Mark Womelduff, Herb Young, Jeannie Zastrow, and Larry Zwiener.
Lloyd Hill, E. L. Kneller, and Reilly Reid were at GHS for their freshman year only; Deborah Wells and Janie Wood for their junior year only; and Janelle Thomas and Barbara Dreyer for their senior years only.
Shirley McCleary, Kenny McKnight, Billy Miller, Ruth Randall, Sherry Stephenson, Jack Webb, and Dave Worthington were at GHS for their freshman and sophomore years. Denny Farrar and Judy Osborn were at GHS for their first three years of high school.
Billie and Connie Burns were at GHS for their freshman and senior years. Larry Caldwell and Connie McClure were there for their junior and senior years. Mike Champe, Beverly Copple, Ron Romig, and Rick Sass were there for their last three years of high school.

Trivia:As I was working on the website I noticed that about half the class (44 people) have first names starting with just four different letters: J, L, M and R. I also noticed that 16% of the women (including spouses of class members) at our 50-year reunion were named Linda.
Also, about half the class (43 people) had last names starting with just four different letters: B, C, M, and S.

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